The joyful journey

The car meanders through narrow ,dusty alleys with tiny houses and gardens on both sides when Siddhartha interjects , as though fathoming Sujata’s thoughts “you didn’t think, it was just a boring , pointless, long ride , did you?”

” I was hoping it wasn’t ,considering we have given Prof. Rana’s class, a miss” Sujata confesses.

“Wait ย till the next bend in the road, the brilliant plan will reveal itself and probably cheer you up too.” Siddhartha declares, enthusiastically.

” Wow! “, Sujata gasps, mesmerized by the brilliant view of the lake , the merging colors of the flora under the majestic sun and the beauty of trusting hearts.

“There are pretty shops , some restaurants close by and of course there’s this gorgeous lake with fun parasailing and boating activities, what do you suggest , we do ? Siddhartha asks.

” Food first , might be a good idea” , Sujata answers , wearing her innocent ,radiant smile – a smile that was to uplift him , propel him , motivate him , through the bends of time.

Written for Six Sentence Stories at Zoeโ€™s uncharted , the cue of the week being “bendโ€. Thanks to Zoe for hosting the challenge.


17 thoughts on “The joyful journey

  1. Looks as though they will enjoy themselves (though I would prefer they do all the activities first then have a meal!) It sounds as though Siddartha is really besotted with Sujata but he must show that he is good at making decisions too or else she may be disappointed in him.

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    • Thanks so much for that beautiful comment, OE. I agree , food first might not be the ideal thing , given that it’s already getting dusky . ‘Besotted ‘ is such a great word in Siddhartha’s context. He’s too hypnotised by her to decide, I believe. Also, that they are not a couple yet might be the reason for such a total surrender . ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜€Thanks again.


    • Hi Emily! Thanks so much for visiting. So good to see you again.
      Thanks also for the nomination. ๐Ÿ™‚Really appreciate it. I will certainly check out your post for more.
      Best wishes,


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