‘Be careful around the mall today’ , the stranger warned Bernadette.

‘I have never received such a friendly advice from a stranger before. Thank you’, Bernadette chuckled.

Bernadette was now cursing the stranger for having dampened her upbeat day. She was in a fix.

‘Should I call the police?’, she thought  and turned back to check if he was still there. The know-it-all stranger was feeding the pigeons.

Relieved, she went about with her crammed weekend shopping schedule.

The mall was a carnival with play tattoo booths and fun rides for kids. Enthralled audiences swayed to the  popular band performing at the  center stage.

‘I love the life here!’ Bernadette exclaimed.

Humming a popular tune, as she was preparing to exit, the blood- stained white marble circle grabbed her attention.

The clamour pulled her back inside the mall. The guitarist had been shot dead.

The message bandaged to the  marble circle read ‘ drug dealer and predator, cleansed off . ‘

Word count-157

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers based on this week’s photo prompt . Thanks topriceless joy for hosting the challenge.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jade M. Wong. Thank you Jade!




25 thoughts on “Cleansing

    • I don’t know for sure, if the stranger was the killer. He might have been a foreteller or a madman. The killing might have been a co-incidence.
      I completely agree with the ” vigilante justice being a morally dubious area ” part.
      Thanks so much for the comment , Iain.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I also suspect the stranger but there are other possibilities too.🙂Thanks so much for stopping by and reading the story. I appreciate your lovely comment .🙂


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