The lonely woods

He lives in a green tent at night that looks like a perfect vacation home, with a magical aura,surrounded by green and red lights and matching little bottles.

By day, he  searches for raw materials – seeds, weeds,flowers. Sometimes, i help him in grinding, mixing  and labeling the pretty concoctions .

He says , ‘I will obliterate diseases, save mankind’.  When i fearfully  test his potions , i sleep for hours, a respite.

Perhaps , that’s what mankind really needs, a comatic transportation to a better state.I admire his genius but secretly wish for him to come back.

Word count- 93

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. Thanks dear Rochelle for hosting the challenge.

PHOTO PROMPT© Jan Wayne Fields







69 thoughts on “The lonely woods

  1. She’s a brave soul! I’m far too timid to try stuff dug out of the woods.
    Having said that, I learned last year that a lot of the major cancer-fighting drugs have been dug out of the wood, extracted from tree bark, and dug out of the soil!

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    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting , Christine .
      She indeed is, a brave soul. I would have rather risked a “bad wife ” tag 😀
      Yes, here in India too the Ayurveda etc derives a lot from the blessings of nature . I saw that video about cancer being related to deficiency of vitamin B17 , found in seeds , sprouts and fruits. Wonder if the info is authentic .


      • Snopes, a fact checking site, says this

        “Discussion of the cancer-fighting properties of a chemical (variously referred to as amygdalin, laetrile, or “vitamin B17”) has been a fixture of the so-called alternative medicine movement for decades. Despite an exhaustive body of research demonstrating that its use is both ineffective and potentially dangerous, these claims still make their way onto the internet’s most popular “natural health” blogs and continue to fuel anti-government conspiracies.
        The story of “B17 deficiency” has the two key qualities of a classic snake oil campaign: a simple, easy cure for all cancer provided by Mother Nature herself, and a purported widespread conspiracy to prevent the public from knowing about it.”

        And that’s just the start!

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      • Thanks for sharing that information , Penny.
        so sad ! How greed can destroy populations! Lets see how the debate ultimately shapes up and in whose favour . Hoping against hope. Time for health care to be a non-profit service.
        thanks again, Penny.


      • I agree with Penny: there are oodles of sure cures for this and that, cancer, or maybe everything altogether. I remember 30 years ago ads for “Black Pearls of china” being sold as a cure for cancer. Gave immediately relief to everyone who took them. A researcher purchased some and tested them: they were pure barbiturate. Excellent painkiller.
        Someone unscrupulous sells someone gullible on a product — with the promise of a good profit — and the new believer sells them in all sincerity to other people desperate for a cure.
        the drugs I was referring to were the ones given me for breast cancer years back: Methatrexate comes from an Indonesian tree bark; Vincristin comes from the South African primrose; Adriomycin is a bacteria found in the soil in a certain part of Italy. (Not sure about spellings. 🙂 )

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  2. I like this story very much indeed. The conclusion is a beautiful summing up of all that has gone before; the dedication of the wife in testing her husband’s potions, the physical distance of him sleeping in a tent rather than at home with her, and the mental distance between his mad ambition and her more balanced outlook, all encapsulated by “but secretly wish for him to come back”. So much love implicit there!
    Just a lovely, lovely story!

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    • Thanks so much for the very lovely comment, Penny . I truly appreciate it .
      That’s indeed the soul of my story , thanks so much for bringing it to the fore.
      Visualizing her wait , every minute , every day gives me a sad sense of helplessness and yet she is only a character , for now.


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