Away from home

‘Papa, when will we see ma’?, the little girl asks the bearded man, patting her near-toddler brother.

‘As soon as the rain stops ‘ he looks emptily   at the pouring rain, poking holes in the blue plastic of their make-shift shelter. He feels helpless, yet he couldn’t let hope extinguish. Hopelessness is contagious. He couldn’t let gloom cloud his little girl. She was already anxious.

He hears tearful tales of  bridges collapsing, men floating, villages gulped down by the raging river from rescued homeless refugees .He prays for his wife to be the lucky exception. He sees her in his dreams . That cherished smile.

He doesn’t wait for food anymore, it reminds him of his prison-term, people jostling to get a plateful of slippery meal.

He hears a happy uproar in the camp ground . ‘Come, we are having a feast today, a  Samaritan has generously contributed to our cause ‘, a cheerful new neighbor announces through the rattling plastic door.  The little girl smiles, fuel enough for papa to keep the flames  burning. For one more day.

Word count -175

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers based on this week’s photo prompt . Thanks topriceless joy for hosting the challenge.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yarnspinnerr. Thank you for our photo prompt!






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