The living rock

The tribes worshiped the living rock and turned to it for their material and spiritual sustenance. The rock provided clues in decipherable holy chants. As long as the rock was there, no calamity or scarcity could befall them, or so they thought.

The tribesmen were believers except for a boy who wanted to dig deeper into the mystery. So, one afternoon, he tiptoed to the living rock and peeped through its ‘mouth’.

The light emanating from golden cobwebs and  golden heaps of men almost blinded him. ‘Go away, or you shall never return’ resounded a  thick voice from deep inside.

word count-100

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. Thanks Rochelle for hosting the challenge.



65 thoughts on “The living rock

  1. Another interesting take on the prompt./This sounds like it could be an old legend told around the tribal circle. Well done.
    Can I give you a blogging tip? If you leave your posts Uncategorized and with no tags, they go nowhere. Tagging and categories send your post to the Reader where others can find them and you’ll get more views. Check out for more ideas.
    (Warning: you’ll find lots of other enticing posts there and may be tempted to linger all day just reading!)

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  2. This evening having just returned from the three yorkshire dale peaks. – Ingleborough – Whernside and Pen-y-ghent – I am certainly glad that I did look into any holes.

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    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting,Subroto.
      I like your inference🙂. It’s also possible that the rock is kind enough to let out a fair warning.🙂


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