The fatal race

‘This is my best chance’,Danny pedals the tandem bike ,with all his might.
‘They are almost here , pedal harder Danny’ , Josh prompts, pedaling his share,diligently.
‘I will die of thirst ,right here’ Danny pants , the bike a swirling wind.
‘You could never measure up , newcomers , we rule this neighborhood,’ Randy spits overtaking Danny’s bike with a thumbs down and his characteristic sneer.
‘Nothing short of victory ‘, Danny sees his mission driving him like a Leopard . Randy was now a few Maple trees away .
The blinding sun was a formidable opponent for the bikers too.
‘Very soon, you will know that you have been replaced ,Randy’, Danny could feel his shins palpitating too .’ And then , Josh will no longer be your fat Pumpkin or the Whelaphant’,Danny winces.
‘Danny ,please stop, call 911,I can’t breathe’ ,Josh utters with hands on his chest.The blaring siren of the ambulance brings the gang of bikers , together. Little did  Randy’s team of 14 year olds  know that casual bullying could sometimes result in a race against death.

Word count -173.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers based on this week’s photo prompt . Thanks to priceless joy for hosting the challenge.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dorothy. Thank you Dorothy!


20 thoughts on “The fatal race

    • Thanks so much , Emily. 🙂 So kind of you to say that . Yes, i based my story on the exact same premise . I hate to think that any such incidents are intentional, at least with kids of that age.

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  1. It is a sad but true story…these things do happen….Moon in this post I found few spacing issues…the inverted commas have double spacing…just fix them…your stories are otherwise improving with each new post…keep it up girl💓💓

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  2. The danger of bullying is always overlooked as it dominates the desire to cause misery to others, hopefully, the bikers have realized the danger in carrying out a desire to mistreat another person, especially Danny, who seems to be the leader in all this. To do nothing to stop such acts, the people observing such treatment is as guility as the one carrhing out the deed!

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    • So true, Jessie. Oh, actually Randy is the head, Danny is simply helping Josh in getting ahead and teaching the bullies a lesson. Unfortunately, he didn’t foresee the ultimate result. His only mistake was perhaps, riding recklessly in his bid to protect and help Josh . I hope Randy’s team draws a lesson from the unfortunate turn of events and never make another a ‘ victim’ .
      Thanks so much for your comment, Jessie.🙂

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