Pickled in love

I stare at the empty green, brown, red pickle jars on the kitchen shelf, preserved for me.

I would help her in my summer holidays with washing, peeling, sauteing and/or caramelizing the Mangoes, Tamarinds, Lemons and Chilies, roasting spices for hot pickles and later drying them in the sun before canning a year’s stock of pickles for the family, extended family and neighbors.

I would often ask her ‘don’t you get bored and tired of repeating the recipes year after year ‘, to which she would reply ‘I enjoy it because of  the special ingredient – love’

Sometimes, on lazy summer afternoons, I  would accompany her to our sprawling backyard for collecting raw mangoes, tamarinds etcetera to make extra jars of pickles for our neighbor Amit,  my aunt’s sister’s brother-in-law and so on.

I would also be her privileged taster for the dozen varieties of pickles and  she would sprinkle  the rarest and most precious of stories of her childhood, marriage to my grandfather, stories of my father and his cousins over our pickle-making and tasting session.

She passed away on March 10th and i will miss  our beautiful summer afternoons – pickled in warmth , smiles and her special, secret ingredient of love – always and forever.

Written  for Six Sentence Stories at Zoe’s uncharted , the cue of the week being “pickle”. Thanks to Zoe for hosting the challenge.







29 thoughts on “Pickled in love

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss,Moon. I too cherish the summer days spent with my grandma testing, tasting,suggesting my ideas to her version, learning a skill or two.I’d especially wait for my turn to eat the salted raw mangoes pieces, got them this year too.Those summer days I’d always cherish and I’m sure you’d too.

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  2. Thanks so much,Kitty. I appreciate your comment. Thanks also for sharing your thoughts and memories.
    Grandparents are such special people. I will always treasure our lovely days.


  3. Sorry to hear about your loss…yet I would say you were lucky to have her in your life for a longer period…and you have such cherished memories…this was a very heart warming post…I loved reading every single word…they were full of emotions…R acharer Katha shune jibhe jol😝😜

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  4. My wife bottled fruit and vegetables as did our mothers and grandmothers before them. It was part of life just the same as gardening for vegtables and flowers to decorate the house. It is a skill we should not lose. This is a beautiful six sentence story.

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  5. That’s a delightful story, and with such a profound truth at its heart. Love really is the special ingredient whatever we’re preparing for our families. I’m glad you had plenty of time with your Grandma sharing her love, and I’m sorry that you’ve now lost her. The memories will live with you forever.

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  6. Food memories of the strongest can bring back some of the fondest. My mother made bread and butter pickles. I love them as a kid, and love them today. Every time I hear one crunch I think of her and her old Croft that she made them in. Thanks for your booking up memory today.

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    • Thanks , UP. Appreciate your sharing the fond memories of your mother . Bread and butter pickle sounds great , never heard of it before.
      p.s. I just googled bread and butter pickles and now I know🙂🙂🙂Thanks.

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    • Thanks so much, Jessie. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to create so many precious memories with my grandmother and it’s a privilege to be sharing these precious memories.

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