Slip of tongue

‘What about that handbag, no not the navy blue , the aquamarine blue bag beside it and no that  wouldn’t do either as it doesn’t have the required number of zips.’

Zinia seemed to be ready to hop over to the next shop after browsing through the huge collection of a few dozen bags at the ‘Leather emporium’.

‘Good , they did not have a bag for my tastes as I have already ordered a few online, I guess we could look for some belts , you know, I only have six of them’ , Zinia said.

Like a good friend , I obliged and before I knew , she had  dragged me to the belt lane to try on the thick, thin, glittery, formal and a whole array of belts , only to be unhappy with each and every one.

‘Are you sure, you don’t like any?’, I asked , silencing my raging impatience with forced patience and she just made a cute expression of a sad ‘no’ with a mellow ‘can we go check some boots’?’

Little did i know that a minor slip of tongue,’OK, i will go with you’, was to be my undoing.

Written  for Six Sentence Stories at Zoe’s uncharted , the cue of the week being “slip”. Thanks to Zoe for hosting the challenge.



27 thoughts on “Slip of tongue

    • After reading your comment, I feel, ‘purse’ would have been a better word. You are correct . The purse is an obligatory female accessory , I suppose , handed down like legacy , from generation to generation, hence, the fascination with the color and pattern and size etc. A feminine emblem,, of sorts 🙂
      Thanks so much for the comment , UP.


  1. You know this reminds me of a friend of mine who used to do exactly the same…I used to get so irritated…I am myself a no fuss person and usually select items quickly…but she was so annoying…Good and relatable story Moon…keep rocking💓💓💓

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    • Thanks so much , Mimi. I can only admire their patience and passion from a distance . ‘ OK , I will go with you’ will be nothing short of a nightmare. 🙂


  2. Shopping can be challenging…especially when you are with someone that can not make up their mind! If I want to find something I’m looking for….I go by myself, but do not mind going with someone that like her, if I’m in no hurry and ready to just browse while the person spends the time “deciding!” I’m sure many can relate to this story. Great post.

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  3. I guess not . Also, Zinia seems to be pretty harmless, otherwise , not a one to resort to blackmailing and such.😀
    I adore your deli idea.
    Thanks so much for the comment , Pat .


    • Poor Zinia!🙂
      It’s interesting indeed that one article/ object could have so many equivalent words for it.
      It’s interesting how women like Zinia are contributing to the economy with their passion / obsession for fancy consumer goods.
      I also admire the clear-cut ,simple definition that many men have for the articles that they use.
      However,I have seen a close resemblance with Zinia in some men where the obsession is replaced with that for ties and watches.
      Thanks so much for the comment, Keith.🙂


  4. What is to come of that final “OK, I’ll go with you?” that will be her undoing? Nice six! And I love purses, but I hate shopping, which leaves me in a pretty quandary, but with rather fewer purses than I might otherwise have! lol

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    • That one minor slip / ‘yes’ has resulted in her ‘arrest’ for the difficult and inescapable shopping trip .
      🙂🙂 hahahaha. Your combination sounds great .
      I don’t hate shopping , in particular and I am not obsessed either.
      Thanks so much for the comment, Deborah .


  5. Oh I love this, it´s great. Hahaha, I use to think, it is just a walk, you maybe can watch other interessting thinks…presupposed, you do not have to advice the shoppingqueen.

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  6. I feel with you D.Avery, I loved the post…it gave me a smile, because I know this situations. But I do also not like shopping. I like coming out, seeing something different, but not searching for needless stuff!

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