Something special

‘I know, its going to be her first and last ride in my worn-out car ‘Adam muses, stealing a glance at Sarah’s delicate face  and beautiful, glistening locks.

‘I wish it were a charming luxury car . She would hate me ,’ .Negative  thoughts merge and disperse , creating a tangled web of anxiety  in Adam’s mind.

‘Let me try and live in the moment with the girl of my dreams .’

‘Ah! I love that song !,’ they exclaim together , tuning the radio higher .

‘Adam, your car reminds me of my granddad’s car. I loved it.’

‘Really?’ Adam heaves a sigh of relief.

Word count- 99

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. Thanks Rochelle for hosting the challenge.

PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham.


41 thoughts on “Something special

    • Me too. I hope it turns out to be the beginning of a story where Sarah helps Adam to metamorphose into a confident young man from the impulsive teenager that he is .🙂
      Thanks , Iain .


  1. I ditto Iain’s comments. I must admit I was concerned when I read it would be the first and last ride, that she was going to end up in the Friday Fictioneers Graveyard along with so many others. Looks like she’s a keeper. Well written.
    xx Rowena

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