A rare treasure


It was their second day in the island . Shaking off the exhaustion and the sense of water-drenched sickness, they took off to gathering ingredients to satiate their empty stomachs . ‘Survival’ propelled them even in the most formidable hours. Eating uncooked food had never seemed so easy. The rough ocean and the stormy weather had been their betrayers. They realized, it might still  take a few days ,luck and good weather to undertake a fresh venture. After 12 days of exploration of the island and the hunter-gatherer way of life, they spotted  the ship that would help them map their way to ocean caves . Captain Cox and Marine Biologist Dr. Sullivan were thrilled to discover their ‘treasure cave’ from their boat . They looked on in wondrous delight as the steller sea lions and the charming world of  rare marine creatures peeped at the aliens in their land, from the heart of the  ocean  cave .

Written for FLASH FICTION FOR THE PURPOSEFUL PRACTITIONER- 2017 WEEK #28 where participants are required to write a flash fiction piece under 200 words, inspired by the photo prompt.

Thanks to rogershipp for hosting the challenge

Photo curtesy : MorgueFile June 17 5e6f21d38915d26f4daa23bf2ee06d9c


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