Let it go

I did something unusual  this morning i.e. I received an anonymous phone call.

Matters became worse when the lady on the other end asked me to guess who she was, re-asserting my belief in the fact that people who received anonymous phone calls were plain ridiculous .

So, her game of putting me in an uncomfortable spot continued, despite my covert irritation until,I assume, she sensed that I might explode.

Then she put the charade to rest , inputting her name , details, how she had waited for my replies to her mails and had looked for me everywhere only to discover my number on an online job portal

Hearing her familiar voice after long years, I realized  that  we are never going to do everything exactly as it was meant to be done and that  accepting it sooner or later is our only option.

I was thankful she hadn’t kept score of my wrongs.

This story was written for Six Sentence Stories at Zoe’s uncharted , the cue of the week being “score”. Thanks to Zoe for hosting the challenge.


20 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. This may sound awful be we never answer our house phone just because it rings. We have an answering machine so people can say who they are and, if we know them (and/or want to talk to them) we pick up. Otherwise they get to leave a message.

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  2. Every now and then we can be pleasantly surprised by an anonymous call, although most often I won’t answer them, believing if it is something important they can leave me a voice message. I do not like guessing games, they make me uncomfortable, fear of disappointing I suppose. It sounds like this time the call worked out for the best though, old friends reunited and a new understanding that life gives us twists and turns to navigate, sometimes doing it well and sometimes not so well, but surviving counts most! Great story, Moon!

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    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts , Josie.
      True, the anonymous phone call worked in their favour , this time.😀
      I was actually terribly disappointed with this story but linked it anyhow, since , more than anything , habits die hard.
      Appreciate your kind words .🙂💕


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