She is dressed in the prettiest white dress, wearing her loveliest smile and waving most cheerfully to the young man in the car. I watch from behind my curtains, the giggles and radiance of young love. Their happy companionship and my dreary spell after a broken marriage is a perfect oxymoron. I am on sick leave. Its energizing to witness happiness even from a distance.

It’s strange that someone so charming should live in such  a mossy, dilapidated house.I have been in this quiet neighborhood for two months. People keep to themselves. I hardly ever see them on their lawns. The young girl , however, goes out every day , always immaculately dressed , always smiling . Some people are so blessed ! I plan on talking to her tomorrow. Who knows, like some supernatural occurrences in the Orient , happiness might be contagious too!

There she is , wearing a beautiful white gown again . I slip out of my desolated abode and run towards her , as though acting on a magical pull. I am kind of an introvert, usually. I come face-to-face and exclaim a wholehearted “Hi!”. She vanishes into thin air.

Word count : 187

Written for FLASH FICTION FOR THE PURPOSEFUL PRACTITIONER- 2017 WEEK #27 where participants are required to write a flash fiction piece under 200 words, inspired by the photo prompt.

Thanks to rogershipp for hosting the challenge

Photo courtesy : morguefile_May_2017 94c6030c4dbe18cd06a2778a635e1a9a


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