The Peach tree

Zhang Li was proverbial in beauty and talent making her the envy of young women in the province of Zhengzhou.
However, beneath her extraordinary surface, there was a sharp as a knife loneliness that others were oblivious of.
Her beauty and virtues had made foes of friends and to men who waited patiently to please her; she was as tough as an impregnable fort, as distant as a heavenly angel.
It was only when Li Xiang became her neighbor that she experienced  blossoms of camaraderie strong enough to allow  her to share with him the guarded secret of her numbered days on account of the terminal illness.
To Li Xiang, life was a fine blend of Science and the supernatural and therefore he suggested that they plant a Peach tree (which according to Chinese folklore  is the symbol of  longevity)in her courtyard .
The Peach tree is 40 years old now and Zhang Li is 61.

This story was written for Six Sentence Stories at Zoe’s uncharted , the cue of the week being “Peach”. Thanks to Zoe for hosting the challenge.


27 thoughts on “The Peach tree

  1. I loved this story for so many reasons Moon! It shows how often we misinterpret the reason behind someone’s distance. I believe in the special powers of all living things, including trees, and belief in itself is a powerful thing. Who is to say that her belief in this peach tree was not responsible for her surpassing the expectations of her illness, and living to a long and full age. Wonderful ending to the story! XOXO

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    • Is it? I didn’t know about that . Also, while looking for options for my SSS, i came across the fact that the color Peach stands for love and romance in Chinese Feng Shui. However, Peach as the symbol for longevity appealed to me more, for a change . 🙂
      Thanks for inspiring me to research with your SSS words, Zoe…:)
      And thanks for the kind words.


  2. When I was trying to decided what to write for my SSS, I almost was going to write about peach trees being the symbol of longevity, and then decided differently. I’m so glad you did. It is a great story.

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