Nishi had been waiting for the trademark knock on the door. Her favorite 6.30 pm knock . The empty parking spot under the multi-colored evening sky would soon be welcoming another familiar vehicle , ending Nishi’s super long wait. Nishi had already changed into two different outfits and had been scrutinizing her reflection, every few minutes. The clock had barely traveled 3 minutes in what felt like an hour to Nishi. Her heart fluttered with the much-awaited knock . A final peek into the mirror and she was all ready with the broadest conceivable smile .

The handsome gentleman posed an attentive “Hi! How was your day ?”and proceeded to the couch . “You know how desperately I had been waiting to reach home ! ” he continued.

“Really ?” Nishi smiled coyly , in anticipation of a romantic evening with candle light dinner et al. They were a “just married “couple, after all .

“I could not bear to miss the first Over of Β Indian innings at the Champions trophy final”, came the sudden blow.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers, based on this week’s photo prompt . Thanks to priceless joy for hosting the challenge.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Footy and Foodie. Thank you for our photo prompt!


27 thoughts on “Mismatch

    • Thank you , Iain . Funny how a benign game can become a potential threat. interestingly , a change of name of the game could well make it the story of a North American or African household .πŸ˜€

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