Continuity and change

The local assembly has passed the controversial bill on using the ancient castle for commercial purposes. The castle has served as a Municipal corporation for a time  and will soon be renovated into a shopping mall . The renovation might necessitate the demolition of a wing and with that another ancient treasure will fall victim to the march of modernization.

The basement houses portraits ,manuscripts , correspondences , jewelleries – remnants of the lords and ladies who dwelled in the castle . The saloon entrance hall stages plays on important historical events ,  on Saturdays.

It is Fred and Joe’s second visit to the castle , incidentally also the last day of the Saturday play . The castle will be closed for renovation works, beginning Monday .  Fred and Joe bypass the entrance hall and go down to the basement. Behind Henry the Eighth’s life-like portrait lies the key to the jewellery cabinet and their comfortable future. X-ray proof bags would ensure a smooth exit. Tick tock , the precious minutes run.”God save the queen ” announcing  the end of the play synchronises with their about-turn.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers, based on this week’s photo prompt . Thanks to priceless joy for hosting the challenge.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by The Magicsticgoldenrose. Thank you for our photo prompt!




15 thoughts on “Continuity and change

    • Thanks so much for reading the story, Kalpana . Yes, they had robbery in mind but they are new to the” trade” and hence totally inexperienced . Therefore, they could not summon the courage to take their PLAN to its logical conclusion . Robbing jewelries from a museum would have probably required a level of finesse and expertise that these two don’t seem to have mastered yet . Hence, they give up the plan and make an about turn. 🙂 Lol


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