The uncanny silence

“…and the woods were an example of co-existence between members of different kingdom-family-species and the Xangua tribe . Xanguans were advanced in traditional medicinal knowledge .They knew the “formulae” to concoct salves for treating chameleon venoms to snake bites to climate and weapon injuries. Xanguans were safe until another set of humans called Zikus appeared on the scene , heralding the dawn of unfortunate clash for supremacy over the woods . Zikus were masters of fierce supra-human reflexes “ my enigmatic husband read into the pamphlet, he had gathered from the campground office .

The dazzling glorious sun had vanquished the clouds . We stepped out of our enchanting tent home ,excited to enjoy mother nature in all its splendor .After an adventurous “caveman” breakfast , we embraced the hiking trails . Something familiar caught my eyes – the “mound of the dead “as mentioned in the prominent pamphlet picture  – the  burial site of Xanguans, covered with stones of different sizes. I screamed my husband’s name. There was no response.

Written for  flash fiction for aspiring writers, based on this week’s prompt . Thanks to priceless joy for hosting the challenge.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Pamela S. Canepa. Thank you Pamela for our photo prompt!



28 thoughts on “The uncanny silence

  1. After an adventurous “caveman” breakfast , we embraced the hiking trails . ……..this sentence reflects the gelling with Nature and enjoying it too.

    and the end was chillingly different. a fine twist.

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