Get, set, go!

“Its gorgeous , Rick . Thanks for the present “ exclaimed Ria ,admiringly inspecting the pair of black sneakers.
“But a week’s practice is hardly enough “ , Ria posited .
“You can’t let go of the golden opportunity, Ria “ , Rick pleaded earnestly.
The tracks filled Ria with a sensation akin to that of the  first showers on the  parched land .
Day 1 at practice session had declared that Ria would see the exercise till the conclusion.
The athletes were “all set to go” on the brick red tracks for the 100-meter Zonal race championship. Rick was elated to see Ria take postion on the tracks . He uttered a prayer and closed his eyes  with the nervousness and anticipation of a participant .
A few steps from the finishing line , Ria took a deep exhausted breath, all eyes set on the two leading participants, subjugating the tracks with their pace .
“Go Ria!”cheered an excited Rick .
Those scenes replayed like a cinema roll as Ria paused at the commercial of  a popular sports shoes brand.

“Get, set, go !”, the Zonal champion  commanded her life.

Written for FLASH FICTION FOR THE PURPOSEFUL PRACTITIONER- 2017 WEEK #23 where participants are required to write a flash fiction piece under 200 words, inspired by the photo prompt.

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5 thoughts on “Get, set, go!

    • Thanks so much for being here, Nilanjana. I appreciate your kind comment. So true, being inactive bystanders to a stagnating life would be most unfortunate.


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