“It’s my life !”

Smita gets furious and frustrated with the “try again “message flashing for the fifth consecutive time, before the phone switches over to “disabled” mode.

Seething with anger, she charges out to her bedroom for a fresh round of question- answer session with her husband Amit.

“Why did you have to change it again, you want more space, just give me a divorce , all right? “ hurls Smita and almost throws the phone on the bed with a “just , unlock it “,before marching out.

A perplexed Amit is at his wit’s end to discover all his official mails , contacts , apps, calendars erased, on account of Smita’s carelessness and battles to fix the damage with an urgent official meeting awaiting him in less than an hour’s time.

“What was the problem?”,Amit asks Smita in his characteristic cool temperament , before counter-accusing her , only to receive the insanely immature reply “ your phone is my phone now and I don’t want you to keep changing passwords, what is it that you are hiding , after all?”

Amit feels nauseously repulsed , dashes out of the door, “time to take charge now” ,he resolves and the car zooms off .

This story was written for Six Sentence Stories at Zoe’s uncharted , the cue of the week being “charge”. Thanks to Zoe for hosting the challenge.


22 thoughts on ““It’s my life !”

  1. The moral of the story is: never share a phone with anyone!
    I can only imagine the disasters that would have resulted if my family had been sharing a smart phone rather than the old push button or–get ready for it–rotary dial phones that we had in my childhood.

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    • You are right , Cara.
      While transparency and communication are vital to a healthy relationship , a suspicious and dictatorial attitude stifles it and often results in emotional abuse . one can never possess another ,after all.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and reading the story . 🙂


  2. ayyieee… (what is that sinking feeling we (all) get when, after confidently going on the offensive, we find ourselves very much on the defense, a weakness we’d chosen to ignore, suddenly in front for another to take advantage of…no good.

    but, very good Six

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    • I feel there might be reasons behind her paranoia . Perhaps, she is insecure or has had a difficult life . I hope she realises her mistakes and mends her ways before its too late. Admitting her mistakes and saying sorry could be a good starting point. 🙂
      Thanks for the kind words . 🙂

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  3. Run, Amit run… fast and far, and don’t come back!!! While I believe in trust in relationships, and Papa Bear and I do know each other’s passwords for everything, we never feel the need to check up on each other. If you are that untrusting either you have a serious issue or a guilty conscience, or you are aware that your partner is unworthy of your trust, in which case that’s the bigger issue that must be addressed. Under no circumstance should anyone be changing or deleting things on another person’s files, that is not a solution to the problem, it is only adding fuel to the fire! Great story, charged with emotion, Moon! I apologize for taking so very long to get here. Life had be bogged down for a bit. trying hard to catch up! XOXO

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    • So great to see you again ,dearest Josie . Thanks so much for visiting . So appreciate your beautiful comment . Best wishes to you both.


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