By the beach

How past and present meet despite changed circumstances and people ! There is no escaping the memories, at least. Sarah gazes dreamily at the lake as moments re-appear from the cruise ride across the lake in that breezy beautiful night with Sanil, one decade ago . “All too clichéd!”, Sarah exclaims , every time she travels down the “proposal story “lane. Perhaps, her mantra to internalize that all was wrong right from the start. The one steady  irrefutably painful truth being the honesty  in Sanil’s eyes when he had asked “will you..?”. Sanil and Sarah are proud parents to two lovely daughters. They are here at the beach again ,  since the children crave for “family “ time , every once in a while . Sarah looks at the  absent-minded,  estranged Sanil and wonders if he ever laments the unbridgeable distance or addressing her as his “ex”.

This short story was written based on this week’s photo prompt at flash fiction for aspiring writers. Thanks to priceless joy for hosting the challenge.

Image courtesy : Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode.


10 thoughts on “By the beach

  1. The subtly of the last line about the widening gap of their relationship is written so beautifully. I read it twice to absorb the fine nuance.

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  2. I found myself in that situation once and it was very awkward, when the relationship changes or ends, future time spent together is formal, and uncomfortable with the memories of what once was, or what was hoped for that never transpired. Very good story, a sad tale of unmatched expectations. XOXO

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    • Sorry about your experiences though I knew a part of what you have been through .As depicted in this story , It ‘s uncomfortable to have to deal with something that one wants to escape but sometimes we have to do the ” un-liked” for the sake of people we love , the daughters , in this case. It is sad when something so beautiful turns into sad memories and a bitter reality and acceptance is the only option we are left with . Thanks so much for reading. Truly appreciate your comment . Love…


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