The turbulence – Part 2

With a rapidly palpitating heart, Maya manages to shut the swaying window , hoping for the  familiar,  faraway smile on the other side of the window to shut out , too.

Maya is drenched in sweat and the choking feeling makes it impossible for her to even call out to her next door neighbor .

The unpremeditated visit to the beach with her friends and his accidental death flash in her mind like an ominous nightmare.

Struggling to catch her breath, she turns to her infant who had been wailing unattended through her mother’s horrified stupor.

Maya trembles as the thud on the door  intensifies the pronounced cues  on the impending danger.

“ I didn’t kill you ” Maya stutters, clutching her infant who is thankfully clueless about the tumultous storm or the frightening shadow of the past   .

This story was written for Six Sentence Stories at Zoe’s uncharted , the cue of the week being “cue”. Thanks to Zoe for hosting the challenge.


21 thoughts on “The turbulence – Part 2

  1. Oooh! A dark turn of events in this compelling story, Moon! Now we have not only a ghostly visitor but a suspicious drowning. You have painted Maya’s terror well! I hope this story is going to continue on next week, you can’t leave us here!!! Very well done!

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    • Thanks so much , Girlie. I appreciate your comment . Now that you mention , I realise the “part” thing looks hilarious . I am enjoying the opportunity to experiment at Zoe’s six sentence stories . And it’s so awesome that the writers are so kind and encouraging of others. It’s nice to meet you here .


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