Ten things of thankful

The theme of the blog “Ten Things of Thankful “ takes me back to my school assembly where we would often sing the hymn “…just be thankful for the good things that you ‘ve got”. The song encourages gratitude as a fulfilling way of life and calls us to appreciate our many blessings as compared to so many  who are not as privileged . Yet, trapped in the mesh of fierce competitiveness and the rush to jostle through to the next day, it is easy to overlook the “good things “ we are blessed with that are for many “just a dream”. Thanks to dear Josie for this wonderful opportunity to pause and think and say it aloud .

1.I am thankful for the selfless, unconditional love of my parents . Not only are they great parents , they are wonderful human beings too who consider selfless service and reaching out to extended family members , friends and neighbours to be an essential part of living. I thank them for showing me  that compassion and empathy makes a human, most humane.

2.I am thankful for the privilege of experiencing the joy of being a mother and also for the pleasure of re-living my childhood all over again .

3.I am thankful for the special bond that I share with my lovely siblings and cousins.

4.I am thankful for the gift of life and that of sight , hearing and speech – the gifts that I often take for granted . 🙂

5.I am thankful for the gift of memory – the intangible time machine that adds so much more beauty and meaning to life .

6.I am thankful for a roof over my head and my daily bread , for, there are about 225 million people in my country who struggle for basic essentials.

7.I am thankful for my revered guru (teacher ) who leads me from darkness to light.

8.I am thankful for the education imparted by the good teachers of my school that has helped me to appreciate that real education is beyond alphabets and numbers or  learning facts and formulas by heart .

9.I am thankful for my friends who strengthen my faith in “bond beyond blood “and help me to treasure the fact that happiness multiplies and sorrows divide when we share them .

10.I am thankful for the good sense of starting this blog . I have had great fun so far , meeting some wonderful writers and bloggers and learning about new perspectives , new stories. After all , it’s the  convergence of the “different” that makes this space so interesting.

This was written for Ten Things of Thankful hosted by Josie.


18 thoughts on “Ten things of thankful

  1. Thanks so much, dear Radhika. So appreciate your lovely words . 🙂 Its so easy to take things for granted and complain about the indispensable challenges in our days and months , and yet ,perhaps ,the sense of gratitude is all we need for our peace. .I appreciate you stopping by.


  2. My Dear Moon, I am so sorry for being so late in coming here to read. I’ve been away from blogging for a couple days and now I am scrambling to catch up! I was so thrilled to see you joining in with another awesome, thoughtful post full of good reasons to be thankful for the blessings in your life!

    Having parents that support you and teach you the right things growing up makes all the difference in the kind of person you become. Yours have obviously taught you to be kind and compassionate and caring toward others, that’s a blessing to all who you encounter!

    Motherhood is truly the most wonderful, and often most challenging, experience in life! I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either. It is so delightful to watch our children grown and learn new things, and develop their own amazing identity! You are blessed to have close relationships with your siblings and cousins too, they will be a wonderful support system for all of your life!

    Sight, speech, hearing, and memory are all gifts that we take for granted so easily, and without them life would be so difficult. I think of all the wonderful things these senses and mental capacities enable us to do, it’s truly amazing!

    You are so very aware of how blessed you are to have food and shelter and your daily needs met, we all need to be reminded frequently of how many in the world lack these basic things for their survival. I think that is why it troubles me so much when I see people being wasteful with what they have or with how they spend the money they have available. We can and should be helping each other!

    I am thankful that you have a guru who has shown you the path to light and life! Having good teachers in school makes all the difference too. I still remember the ones whose influence in my life extended far beyond rote memorization or acquiring the basics. They were role models and took the time to share what they understood about life and help us to believe in ourselves!

    Friends, both in our everyday lives, and on the Internet, are tremendous blessings. Life would be so much more difficult and lonely without them to share laughter and tears. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you began blogging and that I had the good fortune to meet you through the A to Z Challenge. You are one of the shining lights in my life, and when I think of you I smile for the future! Thank you for joining us for the TToT, I am always happy to see you linking up in the places I also share, I will answer your wonderful email very soon! ❤

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    • Thanks so much Josie for the very lovely and thoughtful and affectionate comment . I really appreciate it . 🙂 I too am thankful to have met the kind and wise and affectionate you . I am sorry about linking in so late . 🙂 Ten things of thankful is an awesome thread, thanks so much for hosting it Josie .:) ❤

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      • My TToT post was even later than yours, and we both made it before the link closed for the week, so that’s all that matters! 🙂 Life often keeps us busy with other things, that’s why I made sure we have extra days to write and link up our posts each week. ❤

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  3. So glad you started blogging because I enjoy your take on life.

    My parents taught my siblings and me all about compassion and empathy and I am forever grateful to them for that.

    That just means my siblings and I have a close bond and that will never change. I used to spend a lot of time with cousins when I was growing up. Not so much now. It’s a little bittersweet to me that things can and do often change as we grow older.

    I used to have more sight and so sometimes I give thanks because I know what colours and letters look like, though those memories are starting to fade. Other days, when I’m feeling down, I lament the fact that I will likely never see my beloved colours again. All depends on my mood on any particular day.

    That’s why I needed something like this TToT when I began blogging, to stay reminded of all I do have to be thankful for.

    Lovely list Moon.

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  4. very enjoyable TToT this week. Indeed, it is a privilege to appreciate what we have to be grateful for, not always something we do (naturally) however to do so makes our lives fuller.

    …After all , it’s the convergence of the “different” that makes this space so interesting.
    What a great line/excellent thought! Totally agree.

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  5. You have shared a beautiful TToT post.
    Sometimes I think it is when one becomes a parent that one realizes what the unconditional love of a parent is, and it is something one continues to learn.
    It is so true that when you are a parent you recall so many experiences of your own childhood.
    Memory is a gift that one hopes to keep forever. Keeping a journal is one way to try to keep those memories alive, if not for oneself, for those who come after.
    I love your comment, “happiness multiplies and sorrows divide when we share them.”

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  6. Thanks so much for visiting and reading my post , Pat. I appreciate your kind comment . 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful idea of journalling . I hope to put it into practise in the coming days.


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