My guiding light

Sometimes, I wonder what my daughter will say/write about her mother in that school essay or in that discussion with her friends. She is still young (just a little over 5) to articulate her feelings and thoughts and, in our home , we hardly say “I love you, dear daughter “ and vice versa . You could say it’s the surfacing of my “mom guilt “ at intervals that makes me wonder whether or how much she loves me . A peek into our most animated mother- daughter moments would show the mother talking at 100 decibels (:))during our tug-of-war at meal times , the daughter being an almost “food recluse “ . And then there are those long lectures on proper “brushing techniques”, conservation of water (the daughter being a water- games-in- the -washroom enthusiast), techniques to preserve eyesight i.e. less TV hours, more green veggies and the mother’s version of a nagging “early to bed , early to rise “ rhyme . To name a few, that is . And then of course, there are pleasant moments like the mother and daughter playing with their favorite Lego, reading the gorgeously  illustrated story books, watching Disney programmes like friends , coloring without the rulebook ,laughing away without a reason. Though pleasant “interludes “would be more apt here.

My moments with my daughter invariably take me to the one who has been the personification of affection and kind patience. She has hardly ever raised her voice at me, hardly ever imposed her wishes on me and has shown me that a mother’s heart doesn’t confine its frontiers to its child/children. She loves and gives to my cousins , my neighbours , the boy with the tattered clothes as generously as she does to me and my sisters . She encourages us to think about others and respect their way of life with her kind and thoughtful behavior/interactions . While in college , I would feel this temptation to “gel” with my mother over neighborhood gossips etc. , like some of my friends did. That was the one thing she was really strict about , her unwillingness to laugh at another’s expense . I have seen her sacrifice for the family with an open heart . She would be certainly displeased with the use of “sacrifice “, if she happens to read this post.What makes her the most beautiful is her manner of selfless giving , without expectations. She inspires me to be better , just by being the wonderful human being and mother that she is .

This post was written for Finish the Sentence Friday where the prompt is to finish the sentence “Oh mother….”. Thanks to Kristi and Lisa for hosting the challenge.


20 thoughts on “My guiding light

  1. A nice and thoughtful comparison between what your own daughter’s perspective might turn out to be and what yours is for your own mother. We learn to value more and more things about our mothers, the older we get.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mother too.

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    • Hi Kerry! Thanks for your nice and thoughtful comment .:) Your observation about us valuing our moms as we (and they) get older is truer than true. Thanks a lot for the wishes. A Happy mother’s day to the mother in you too. May your wishes come true

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  2. That is the beauty of a mother daughter relationship. Inspite of the ups and downs, difference of opinion and the series of lectures the bond between them is very strong full of unconditional love. Happy mother’s day to you Moon!!

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  3. Moon, I’m seeing you all over the Internet this week! 🙂
    Ah, you’ve so nicely captured the ins and outs of the mother-daughter dynamic. It’s a crazy ride for sure, but there is something so very special about that relationship. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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    • Hahaha😊😊😊Still A-Zing LOL. Thanks so much for your kind words and your wishes, Lisa . It’s a beautiful relationship , for certain . I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day too .

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  4. I have a son but there are so many similarities to raising new humans and most especially, to the amazement that they are their own people regardless of us, because of us, or something else completely unknown. That your daughter is unwilling to laugh at others really grabbed my heartstrings, and I thank you for that. My son and I were at Target today and a homeless man waved to us. My son told me we should have given him money (I had no cash) and so we went to the store and bought a bunch of supplies and got cash from the ATM and gave it to him. I wouldn’t have done that today without my boy’s reminder that this could happen to anybody. So glad to have read this and happy Mother’s Day!


    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts , Kristi . Tucker’s kind gesture at Target says so much about him and his family . God bless his gentle heart ! You must be so proud of him. Thanks so much for the wishes . I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day , too. 😊😊😊


  5. A beautiful tribute to your mother. Every mother-child relationship is different, and so it should be. Your daughter will remember her times with you with the same fondness when she is grown. A loving relationship is kind of characterised by that. Hope you had a blessed and happy Mother’s Day.


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  6. Thanks so much for the beautiful comment , Nilanjana. 🙂 In being a parent to my daughter , i realise , being a good parent means making conscious choices every moment , for, she learns more from what i do , rather than what i tell her to do .It is difficult, i am trying every day. 🙂
    I had a nice day, my daughter gifted me a song . 🙂 Hope your day was full of smiles too. I send my regards and good wishes.


  7. Thank you so much for sharing this post…our mothers and our children are so very intertwined in our hearts. It seems impossible to talk about one without the other in so many ways. I often find myself when writing about my own motherhood–that I am indirectly writing about my own mother. And I think it is so apt to talk about those pleasant “interludes” — it is funny how that is true. But I suspect it is what we will always remember 🙂

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  8. Thanks so much for stopping by , Hillary. I am so glad , you could find echoes of your thoughts in this post . I truly appreciate what you say here , the two generations of mother-daughter duo are inseparably intertwined . 😊😊Trying to relish the days , they grow up so fast .


  9. Finally I am getting around to catching up on blog reading! I was delighted to find this post on the Finish the Sentence Friday linkup about mothers. Your story speaks to my own at child raising, focusing on all the things you want to teach them and show them, and squeezing in some one-on-one playtime and sharing. Although my children have grown up to be amazing people, in retrospect I wish I would have worried less and played more. They will not remember that it was important for them to eat their veggies, they remember the times we did something fun together, and the times we read stories and made up silly rhymes. Make good memories with your daughter, just as your mother did with you! This is a lovely post, Moon, you have a beautiful heart. ❤

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    • Thanks so much for reading J. I appreciate your beautiful comment. I will try to create as many moments that we can re-live , many years down the line . I am at my parent’s home now . So, was unable to check out Kristi’s and yours for this week’s link-up. Off of writing this week 😊Hope to resume after returning to base. Love and best wishes


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