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Eternal spring

Eva adores the green garden adorning the Chatterjee residence. She has been a devoted caretaker of the garden ever since her marriage to Avik Chatterjee .Tending to the garden has given her serene moments of constructive distraction.

Eva was welcomed into the Chatterjee residence in all splendor .Avik was most charming , most gentlemanly ,almost like a charming King and she had felt like the queen. However, not too long after the dream wedding , she had confronted the bitter realities of the concealed worlds within her husband . Love to him was  short-term gratification rather than a lasting soul-connection. Eva would sit in the garden , her tears narrating stories of her mental and physical pain.

The official mail handed over by the peon inspires new hope in Eva.She had been accepted by the NGO ,serving abandoned women and street children. Life was to have a new pupose, love was to have a new meaning. Eva sees fresh buds of spring  blooming in her garden as she smiles into the new dawn.

This short story was written based on this week’s photo prompt  at  Flash fiction for aspiring writers . Thanks to Priceless joy for hosting the challenge.

Image  courtesy :Yarnspinnerr.


17 thoughts on “Eternal spring

  1. Wonderful story Moon! Eva found out that marriage wasn’t what she thought it would be and needed something meaningful in her life. I love that she is going to help abandoned women and street children! Great story! Welcome to the FFfAW challenge! We are happy you have joined us!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by . 🙂 I truly appreciate your kind words. Thanks also for the welcome and for hosting the wonderful challenge. Its a great opportunity for writers to exercise their creativity . 🙂


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