The every day fairy tale(s)

Fairy tales conjure up images of gorgeously  perfect kingdoms with princesses who meet their perfect prince charming ,the damsels  in distress who are  magically  rescued by their knights in shining armor , the all-pervasive happy coincidence , the ever alluring, forever happiness  sans instances of bitter first experiences , miscalculated judgments , pitfalls . And so, I have seen people like me , who have grown up to readings from fairy tales , terribly disillusioned with life as it is or life as it happens. I have heard others and myself utter with a sense of  resigned, contagious hopelessness “life is no fairy tale “. I have often blamed “fairy tales” for presenting a distorted (unrealistic) image of perfection , resulting in nothing but  disappointments.

However, as I experienced more life , I estimated, it might be more fulfilling to slice life into  days and moments that add a smile . The soul lifting hugs shared with my five year old , the lively  dinnertime conversations with my better half , the music lessons that I may have mastered ,the unadulterated joy of being a child as I skip and hop with my little girl  , the surprise visits from my loved ones are  my smile-moments.  These precious moments  rejuvenate me , uplift me and equip me with hope to  overcome  disappointments ,   setbacks and failures  in this unpredictable tale of life.

I seek for my fairy tale in these  little inconspicuous moments and i  must confess, they never cease to amaze.


5 thoughts on “The every day fairy tale(s)

  1. This was so amazing, as now I know a little more about you! You are right that life is no fairytale, it is often difficult and lessons are learned painfully at times, but you have discovered the secret that took me years longer to learn… if we are thankful for the little things we have that we tend to overlook, our lives will be rich and we will feel blessed! Each of the things you cited made me smile too, because yes, those are wonderful ways in which your life is good! You will probably not be surprised to learn that I know the perfect place to share posts like this one! 🙂 I administer a blog called Ten Things of Thankful. The address for it is Each week we link up posts on Friday through Tuesday that tell about the things we are grateful for in our lives. It can be big things that happen, or little things that make all the difference such as you listed here, or things we are aware of or remember from the past. Originally, ten were required, but we have relaxed that so that everyone felt they could participate without stressing over the number. There is no special format to use, you can write the post in any way you like. I hope you will come and read some of the entries and maybe decide to join us for future posts. If you like, you are very welcome to link this one to the post that will be closing at 11 PM tonight my time (CDT in the US). It is an excellent example of how gratitude makes your life good! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for your beautiful and affectionate message , Josie . True, little things can make such a difference and add so much value . I would love to join you at ten things of thankful, next week. Thanks so much for inviting me 🙂 🙂


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