Z is for Zephyr #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

The scorching sun in the paddy fields would exhaust him , indescribably . Young men in the village now preferred working in the cities as day laborers for more motivating compensations. Hence, he had fewer helping hands , making his task as a laborer at the agricultural fields , more onerous. He would dream of working in the city and how it could be a passport to a smoother life . But , sometimes reality becomes the most obstinate barrier between our dreams and their realization. His reality was a father-less family with his mother and four younger siblings. He would rather toil as hard as was humanly possible to make ends meet than letting his younger siblings slog to supplement the meager household income. He worked in the evenings in the paper factory for a more hopeful month.

On his way to the paper factory, he would pause at the pond , beautifully adorned with water hyacinths , lending the water an aura of lavender . The ancient Banyan trees by the pond-side made for a perfect enclosure with mirror-images of a piece of sky and bouquets of tree leaves floating on the water. Occasionally , a cuckoo would create pleasant ripples in the air with its melody . However, it was “she”, waiting on the green carpet of grass under an ancient tree that was the soul of the retreat for him, the connection that he looked forward to every day. Her gentle , soothing presence was like a cool balm in his scorching days.They would sit on the green grass and adore the butterflies flutter through animatedly and observe flocks of birds flying in the evening sky and relish the enchanting water hyacinths float tirelessly on the sedentary water .Sometimes , they would chat to the treats of roasted peanuts and puffed rice . She had a story too, different but no less difficult . He would lend her a patient ear . They would smile, laugh, lament ,without inhibitions.

The setting sun in the orange horizon would announce the time to bid good bye . “Tomorrow, again”, they would affirm and smilingly walk towards their darkening ways.


30 thoughts on “Z is for Zephyr #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

  1. What a beautifully written story about the harsh realities of responsibility lightened by friendship and possibly love. A wonderful end note to our month f writing twenty-six stories in just thirty days… we’ve done it Moon… congratulations! It’s been a pleasure to come and read your story each day, I’ve looked forward to it. I hope you’ll continue to write in the weeks and months ahead, I’ll be watching for new posts! But first, we deserve a day off! :-))

    Z is for Zadie – the conclusion to my A-Z serial story “Circle of Hope”

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    • yaaaaay! Hugs and heartiest congratulations to you too. We certainly do deserve a day -off.:) Thanks for reading my posts.
      Can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and support through the challenge . 🙂 ❤
      Love always…


  2. Charming story! the setting depicted very well – idyllic. Congratulations on completing the Challenge with such style!

    Best wishes always

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    • Thanks so much for your kind words of appreciation, Nilanjana. Means much .Thank you so much for visiting me and being a precious part of my A-Z journey. So appreciate it . 🙂 ❤
      Love and best wishes …


  3. A moment or two of peace and love and thousand of hardship…but the life survives and thrives on that single moment! Wonderfully worded…as usual…you are superb at it!
    Congratulations for finishing the challenge and for giving us pleasure of reading new, original and crisp stories!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

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  4. Thanks so much for being a precious part of my journey through A to Z . I SOOOO appreciate your kind comment . Thanks a million.:)
    Heartiest congratulations to you and your team , as well.
    Best wishes…


    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Deborah. It’s been a pleasure to have you over. Thanks for being a precious part of my A-Z journey and for all the smiles and the “feel good” feeling that you have added with your encouragement and appreciation. 😊❤
      Love and best wishes …


  5. Emily, I send a big hug your way. Thanks for being such a precious part of my A to Z journey. I congratulate you too for having presented such a brilliant A to Z.
    I really and truly appreciate your kind words . Means the world to me . See you , my friend.
    Love and best wishes…


    • Thanks so much Dee Dee for your kind comment . I really enjoyed my visits to your blog too.
      Heartiest Congratulations and best wishes to you . 🙂 🙂 Thanks for being a part of my A – Z journey. 🙂


  6. Beautiful descriptions here. I’m glad he could enjoy that moment of respite in the midst of a very tiring day. I’ve really enjoyed your stories and thanks for being a regular visitor at my blog, too. Look forward to reading more!

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    • I really appreciate your kind words , Nick .Thanks so much for your support and encouragement throughout the Challenge. It has made such a difference. 🙂 I have really enjoyed your brilliant series of snippets and i congratulate you on a very successful A-Z. I look forward to reading your book , decoding the mysteries and discovering the truths.:) Wishing you the very best for your book and your writing projects .:)


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