Y is for The Yearning #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

The desert earth surveys the impassive, motionless sky
It desires drops of rains to touch it’s sand grains
Rugged ,dark ,thirsty, moribund grains .
It thinks back on the time it had last rained ,
The quenching ,unstained , pearly raindrops,
The satiated lively feel of the earth

Ah! the melodious sound of it , ah , it’s blissful smell!
And how they had played together ,
How they were one-
the rain and the ebullient grains of sand.
Only , now no more
arbitrary Nature, numbered time to blame

And how they would call each other,
how they would greet,
if in a joyful unready moment
they should someday meet.
a long , oblivious mesmerized embrace
the elusive moment- a souvenir , a trace.


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