W is for Winds of change #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

Nalini was busy analyzing her schedule and making a mental note of the important meetings and appointments for the day .The feisty civil servant has had a “zero- tolerance “ attitude towards lawlessness and corruption, resulting in two transfers in three years of her service, thanks to unhappy higher officials and political bosses. Her spirit of sincere service towards alleviation of poverty and illiteracy and provision of better healthcare facilities in the remote villages of her district was, however, never diluted by the troublesome transfers. She was to address the government girl’s high school, on the eve of Independence day. The address speech takes her many years back to her own school days.

She was a misfit , a silent rebel with a penchant for reading , and an aversion for playing the apprentice in the kitchen or at the sewing machine. “I want to make a differemce, I want to serve my country “ could only be expected of delirious women, for , the roles were clearly and rigidly defined and demarcated . She should have conformed and have been another “ideal” in-the-making but her heart pronounced otherwise ,every single time. To make matters more complicated, she knew she had it in her , metamorphosing her inclination to obduracy .

The abject poverty, grim illiteracy and rampant corruption , made Nalini more resolute in her decision. She was determined to set out for a profession that would vest her with the power to serve her countrymen . Despite the cacophony of hostile mockery ,she forged ahead , supported by her parents, encouraged by her vision . She was the first woman in the village to register with a renowned institute in the capital city for civil services aspirants, breaking all stereotypes.

Four years down the line, despite two failed attempts at the Civil Services examination, she remained committed to the vision of serving the nation. She was a pioneer, as articulating and prioritising HER dreams and aspirations over marriage, especially at the mature age of 25 was unseen and unheard of in her tiny village.

On a seemingly uneventful August 16th, her parents read the magical heading in their regional newspaper “ Nalini Singh becomes the first woman in the district to make it to the Indian Administartive services . “ There was an excerpt from the interview with the young civil servant whose dream was to serve the most backward regions of her country , with honesty, integrity and dedication .

Nalini finishes her address speech at the government girl’s high school with Mahatma Gandhi’s famous words ” you must be the change , you wish to see in the world. “. After presenting the rare collection of books that she had personally ordered for the school library, Nalini chalks out the agendas to be discussed in the meeting on safe drinking water with the medical officers and Block development officers. “One committed step at a time ” Nalini ruminates , as her vehicle heads towards the intended destination.


15 thoughts on “W is for Winds of change #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

  1. A powerful story of a young woman determined to make a difference, and I know she will. Yet it will be a dangerous life too, for there are always those who wish to silence the ones who dare to speak the truth. This was excellent, Moon!

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    • Hi Josie! Your kindness and support, through the challenge has meant the world to me , though the most difficult alphabets are yet to be battled with . 🙂 And, i am soooo thankful to you. New to the world of writing and a first timer at the A to Z , those encouraging words have propelled me forward to the next alphabet . 🙂 Grateful, beyond words .


      • It has been my pleasure to come here and read your thoughtful stories each day, Moon, and I look forward to them. You have created strong images and characters and dealt with important issues. You are using your voice to encourage others to think! I am surprised to read that you are a new writer, you do it so very well! I only started writing fiction a couple years ago at the encouragement of a friend, I thought it would be too hard, but have found that I really enjoy it. I hope you will continue to write and share stories after the A-Z is done. I will continue to follow your blog! You have great things ahead in your life. 🙂

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      • Moon, if you scroll down on the right hand sidebar of my blog you will find a list of “Great Places to share, which lists some weekly writing memes that I often participate in. When you have time you should look at them, I think you might enjoy the challenge of joining in when you can. I especially love Six Sentence Stories, which was originally my meme, and then a friend took it over when I was working and too busy to continue it. Ten Things of Thankful is also one I am the administrator for, and In Other Words is done by a good friend of mine. Fun places to share your writing! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for stopping by , Anagha . Yes , indeed , she has an indomitable spirit but what makes her special to me is her driving force – her patriotic spirit and the determination to serve her people , despite inconveniences and challenges .


  2. What an empowering story. Kudos to Nalini. Being true to yourself and following your passion is a soul-rewarding path, even if the journey proves challenging at times. And hooray for all those who break through limitation and forge new paths for others.

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    • Yes Nick – she is, indeed, a great role model. 🙂
      Thank you once again for your consistent support and encouragement throughout the challenge . Has meant the world to me. Really,really grateful to you.


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