U is for Unrequited affection #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

“Do we ever tell the sky as to what a perfect shade of blue it is? We, however, describe its beauty to others. “ Rimi draws a quick analogy to put across her thoughts to her sister.

“But sky isn’t a person, Rimi. That is a pointless comparison “Megha explains.

“That’s how I see him , Megha- like the perfect blue sky . Inexplicably perfect. Rimi replies with smiling moistness in her eyes.

“ I wish I could help. It shatters me to see you like this.” Megha sighs.

“ You are helping me , more than anyone could , Megha . You patiently listen to me talk about him , night and day . Rimi smiles even as the unspoken words float in her mind .

“How is it possible to silently adore an almost-stranger for 5 long years ? I wonder. “ Megha teases.

“He is not a stranger, Megha. I see him and hear him speak , everyday , though only from a distance .And, then there are those super long glances for me to hum to.” Both the sisters burst into ripples of laughter.

Rimi writes long letters to the charming man, with a “love always” at the end, letters that eventually inevitably wind up in her secret closet . Sometimes,she wonders if she could name her delicately profound feelings , “love”. Her feelings were too intense to be dismissed as “infatuation”. Megha had told her the other day “Rimi, you are in love with the idea of being in love” . Perhaps, she was trying to breathe some sense into her or to distract her from her stupor.

“How does he not get it , my steady devotion?” Rimi would wonder. She would imagine her reactions , if he were to ever approach her and tell her that he knew what she was going through and felt likewise. She had explored “telepathic connection “as a promising option , magically transmitting her thoughts to the ONE.

Talking about him was therapeutic . Rimi could go on talking about him for hours . Sadly , only Megha knew about the helpless tale of her heart. The other day , Anu was mentioning about his interest in Greek mythology. Anu was Rimi’s colleague and a good friend of his . Anu had mentioned about his fascination with paleontology , and how he adored The Beatles- all serious topics of research for Rimi now.

One afternoon, while Rimi was still battling with her steadily deteriorating attention span, there was a gentle knock. It was her colleague Anu .The burden of the moment led Rimi to pronounce her “sacred secret “, inadvertently . Anu was shocked. She could read Rimi’s intense love in the way she spoke about him . She felt a surge of pain for Rimi and how her perfect dreamland would be shattered with the devastating news.
“He is taken” had never been such a tormenting thread of words for Rimi.

It’s a month since the unpleasant confrontation with reality on that unsuspecting afternoon. “Perhaps ‘ the perfect’ is in our perception . Perhaps, the ‘perfect’ blue shade is eventually replaced by another ‘perfect’ shade, despite the apparent differences “, Rimi muses as she browses through the pages of her mind.


16 thoughts on “U is for Unrequited affection #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

  1. This is so sad for her, and yet I do think there is something about “being in love with the idea of being in love”. So often such infatuations are like that, and more one-sided than the person realizes at the time. They become so wrapped up in their fantasy relationship that they fail to distinguish it from reality. I do hope that she moves on to find real love with another that turns out to be a more beautiful “shade of blue” than any she could imagine in her mind!

    Josie Two Shoes: U is for Uriel

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much , Nick . 🙂 Your words remind me of a certain quote that i had read somewhere …”it is better not to know and wonder than to know and lose the wonder ” . 🙂 🙂 So appreciate you stopping by ,reading my posts and sharing your thoughts .


    • It , indeed is , Andy . However , i think the pain makes the “love” more believable , since its one-sided. 🙂 So appreciate you reading my story and sharing your thoughts with me .:) 🙂


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