Q is for Queen of my heart #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

Tina is determined about discussing the matter with her family tonight – the constant in her head that keeps peeping every now and then to remind her of its significance. Yet, she is uncomfortable. She is apprehensive, she might end up hurting the very people who mean the world to her. Her family. True, Ruby, her closest friend in school, had been a regular visitor to her house .Tina’s mother adored Ruby for her pleasant disposition and composure . But Tina was almost certain that her mother would not approve of the matter , the “inviolable secret” that only Ruby and Tina knew about( though the murmurs in their high school canteen suggested otherwise). Their promises were intimate. Their goals, priorities , their picture of life, invariably included each other ,though they were to graduate in merely two months . They had made a list of the places they wanted to travel to , books they wanted to read , a wish list of things they wanted to do before they turned 25 .Together. They ardently hoped to find place in the same college as they couldn’t conceive of a life without each other. However, in order for their dreams of a life together to materialize, they had to qualify many tests and be prepared for possible severance of close ties. The secrecy , the pretence, the disposable guilt was tearing them up.Tina stands in front of the mirror, in her bid to rehearse the obligatory impending discussion with her family, flustered with incertitude. “Ruby , you are the queen of my heart “, she utters absent-mindedly instead, and the rosy mirror blushes back.


14 thoughts on “Q is for Queen of my heart #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

  1. I hope she finds understanding and empathy and support within her family. It is going to be a hard time for both sides, it always is when things turn out differently from the expected norm.

    Best wishes,

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  2. I really like the way you presented this story with sensitivity to the situation and Tina’s concerns for her family’s response. I am hoping they will be understanding, so very much is at stake. This would be the most difficult conversation of all I think. Well done!

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