M is for Marriage of hearts #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

My grandfather had taken a leap of faith in marrying a lady he had never met in his life.But that was 68 years ago. They didn’t have the right to choose their partner in their times or even acknowledge of any affections or preferences. Of course, my grandmother’s side of the story was almost similar – perhaps, only scarier , especially since, in our society , the woman has always had the onus of leaving her parental home to make her husband’s home her own. So, on a meticulously calculated auspicious date and time guided by their holy calendars and horoscopes , my grandparents tied the knot and became a married couple. They had real challenges – that they were complete strangers from two completely different regions was their foremost challenge. Bridging the emotional distance wasn’t easy for them due to the acute time constraint . The innumerable responsibilities and demands of joint family left them with little to no “couple time”. Also,my grandfather was a doctor and had a less leisurely day than average people in the village in his times. However, their relationship had a remarkable trait, an asset really i.e. patience . With patience and faith, they waited to discover the myriad worlds within each other, hoping to grow to love each other, eventually. My grandfather’s residence housed a rich library and my grandmother being a bibliophile took utmost care to keep it organized and in good form. They would accommodate a reading time a few times a month, in the quiet library, reading and listening to the verses and tales, while sipping on their favorite chai. My grandfather loved to travel and never missed the opportunity to attend medical conferences hosted in different cities, an opportunity to both learn and explore. While it wasn’t a standard practice to bring along one’s spouse, my grandfather always made the necessary arrangements , so my grandmother could travel with him too. Her fondness for fragrances was rendered concrete with his thoughtful gifts. My grandmother’s wish was quite literally his command, the wishes that she could express only in the privacy of their private spaces. They had their share of storms and passionate arguments(which, by the way was almost non-existent in their times given the subordinate position of women), but the understanding they had cultivated with consistent and resolute effort and practice , the respect they had for each other helped them to endure the unhappy moments till the dawn of a stable day. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the year 2000 with two sons and six grandchildren. I still remember the sparkle in her eyes as she animatedly spoke of him ,like one speaks of a happy childhood or precious victory, and how he had made a difference.


13 thoughts on “M is for Marriage of hearts #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

  1. This was a wonderful story to share with us! When I met and married my husband he told me that love grows a little each day, and that each day he loved me more. I have learned over the years that this is true, if your heart desires to love and be loved, and you are willing to work at it and overlook each other’s faults, you can have a wonderful relationship that stands the test of time, just as your grandparents did.

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    • such positive and inspiring words, Josie. And , so true . Loving each other, especially in marriage is more than just feelings, its probably a decision too. I appreciate your husband’s attitude towards you . May God bless you both! Love your deep and insightful comments. Thanks so much .:) 🙂


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