L is for Love letters #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

I still have them, safely preserved in a metal chest , those precious , cherished letters of love . I haven’t seen their physical form in many years now as I never uprooted the chest from my parents’ home. But I vividly remember the curves of the alphabet , the unique handwriting in different letters , the succinct picture post cards with a “how are you ?” ,the blue inland letters with interesting everyday tales and compact spiritual philosophy , the Birthday cards, New Year’s cards, dated and signed by precious family and friends. However, the most intimate , regular, anxiously awaited letters that I received as a teenage girl in that era can be classified into two categories.

(a) The short and sweet yellow postcards from my dear grandfather with a self-addressed reply post card stapled to them, saving me all the hassles, just so he could hear a “hi”, at frequent intervals. He wrote in my mother tongue, once every week. Unfailingly. He was concerned that my passion to learn English might eventually dilute my dialogue with my mother tongue. His letters were almost identical . He would ask me about my studies, whether I was taking my daily dose of vitamins , whether I was diligently using the mosquito net – ordinary short paragraphs , the “extra” in them visible only to me . He would sum up his side of the weekly story in a sentence or two. He didn’t keep count of who was initiating the letters as long as the correspondence was alive . I would have to admit that it was him, most of the times .He was happy with an “I am OK ” in the attached reply post card.

( b) The long friendly chats sealed in thick envelopes from my best friend in school . Our letters read like the “dear diary” entries in the personal journal of a teenager- no edits , no filters. We would talk about things that we hesitated to share with siblings or cousins – the unadulterated joy of falling in love, the sweet ache for that venerated crush ,the tales of the non-compliant mind , words of encouragement and the “it will all be fine”. Each letter from her was like a secret message hidden inside a fortune cookie , only a lot more precious.

What is best is that the letters carried along the touch, the ambience , feelings of the author of the letters . In reading them, i could actually feel the imprint of an intimate part of the dear sender, engraved in their words. I see my letters of love , as deeds , deeds that expressed how cherished and valued I was, with words as crucial adjuncts to convey a sense of complete love.


17 thoughts on “L is for Love letters #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

    • Thanks so much for the visit, Anagha. 🙂 I am glad you could relate to the post. Indeed , its incredible how in re-reading them ,we can feel the part of them that they had sent to us , forever .


  1. It just occurred to me as I was reading this. My kids won’t have this to remember. I have a box, My wife does.. My Mom, we all have those boxes with little notes and cards. Kids now will have nothing but a browser history. I think that is just a little sad for them, no, a lot sad.

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  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading the post Kalpanaa. 🙂 Thanks also for sharing your thoughts. With the letters , a part of the treasured persons too remain. Sorry to hear about your loss.


  3. What beautiful descriptions in this post. Sadly the art of letter writing is almost extinct; kids these days wouldn’t even think of writing to each other like that. You can’t cherish a DM on Twitter in quite the same way, can you?

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    • Thanks so much for your kind comment , Nick .😊 I , in fact , have tried to revive it by hand-writing letters to some dear people . Sadly , I got replies via emails, saying they had received my letters .😊Can’t blame them . Life is busy, emails are hassle free .


  4. What a delightful post, and how lovely knowing you’ve kept those letters, even if now they reside more in your heart. I think the world would be a better place if we all were extravagant in posting love letters to each other. You’ve inspired me, and I intend to write one today.

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    • Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post, Deborah . I appreciate your kind comment 😊 I so agree with you- no emails can beat the pure joy of receiving the handwritten letters . And how they become lasting memory records. 😊


  5. Again, such a visceral walk down memories. I have those musty blue inland letters, the postcards, the “STUFFED” envelopes from friends. Recently I sent pictures of some of those letters to my friend, and we laughed like little girls. Tell me an email can ever do that….Thank you for writing such heart stories.

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  6. It takes more effort to send a handwritten letter than to fire off a text of email, and I agree that those letters that were actually crafted by the hands of someone we cared about deeply held more meaning. Even today, it is so sweet to find an actual card or letter in the mailbox instead of just bills to pay. They no longer teach script writing to children in school in this country, and I think that’s a terrible loss. Someday they will be unable to read the letters that were kept by their parents from relatives who have long since passed.

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