K is for Kiss of love! #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

Today is Sheila’s 1st wedding Anniversary. She is excited . After all , the 1st marks a special milestone when it comes to important life events . She is waiting for Rick to pick her up from office , waiting to celebrate the dawn of another year of togetherness. Rick arrives on time and the couple head towards their favorite restaurant. Sheila is waiting to be complimented on her new dress and hairstyle but Rick seems to be oblivious of the anticipation in his wife. He is busy on his phone , instead. Sheila asks Rick about his day and tries to start a conversation . Her enthusiasm is diluted by Rick’s undisguised disinterest . Some positive self-talk, however, restores Sheila’s eagerness to enjoy the transient evening with her husband. “Perhaps, he is thinking about issues at his workplace” , Sheila reasons. She decides to just let him be , while secretly hoping for him to return to their precious evening so they could at least reminisce about their shared past and celebrate it. Sheila desperately wishes for Rick to indicate a romantic gesture – reading out a poetry or dedicating a love song would do the trick too , satiate the romantic in her , Sheila surmises.Rick is lost in his own world, unaffected by Sheila’s intimate thoughts . Sheila is determined to stay positive. She tries to counteract negative emotions by pulling out Rick’s thoughtful gestures in the not-too-distant past , like that evening when he was home early because Sheila wasn’t feeling well and how he had cooked comfort food for her, later.Or how he was concerned when she didn’t get adequate sleep , or how he always remembered to order Sheila’s favourite food on weekends. Sheila wishes for Rick to at least hold her hands on their walk down to the parking lot ,after the sumptuous yet almost-quiet dinner . She knew she would forget about all the casual glances and non-romantic words exchanged between them earlier in the evening, if Rick were to at least hold her hands .Sheila recollects her reading of Gary Chapman’s “The five love languages” . Physical touch had seemed to be her primary love language along with quality time. Yet , Sheila was struggling to remember the last time her husband had expressed his love to her with a warm embrace. How she hopes to be happily married , how she hopes for her zest for love to be reciprocated by her husband in her love language! In the living room , Sheila presents her anniversary gift to her husband – “The five languages of love “beautifully gift-wrapped with a heart-shaped bow in the middle. She hopes to read the book together this time , on the cosy suede sofa by the fireplace . Sheila is hoping , Rick would understand her language of love and realize what she had been acutely missing all this while . “Hope is indestructible ”, Sheila reminds herself , as she waits for a discernable change in Rick’s expression.


8 thoughts on “K is for Kiss of love! #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

  1. Everyone has a different language of love, there is no universal lingua franca. Hope she makes an effort to learn his and he makes an effort to learn hers. Otherwise there aren’t going to be many anniversaries to celebrate!


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  2. “Undisguised disinterest”. When your heart breaks a thousand times over. You have painted such a real picture. I am pretty sure if we x-rayed the hearts and minds of partners and lovers through the busy lives we all lead, we would find many a Rick and Sheila.

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    • you are right , Nick . one can never underestimate the power of a healthy dialogue . Perhaps, she will, someday, if the miracle she has been waiting for doesn’t happen in time . To me she is an embodiment of “patient love”. Thanks so much for visiting and reading my post. :)I appreciate it, much .


  3. I am hoping that this works out for Sheila but it sounds very sad. Love is about making an effort to connect, and she is giving it everything she has, including excusing his behavior and staying strong in her belief in him. I hope he proves worthy.


  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post, Josie. Means so much to me . Indeed , nothing could be more disappointing than a casual indifference from a person that we love so much . I hope he comes around and honours Sheila’s patient love with a matching attentiveness. 🙂


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