J is for Jewellery box #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

Ira inhales the air in her grandmother’s room like someone who wants to carry and retain precious remnants . The same air that her grandmother had inhaled and was surrounded with till her last breath . Each article in the unelaborate room had a pronounced touch of her presence . Her grandmother’s dresses were neatly folded in the cupboard , her nebulizer and oxygen cylinder still intact by the bed side – the same, dear , favourite bed where Ira had spent countless afternoons, listening to her grandmother’s huge treasury of mythological tales , sheltered in her affectionate embrace. Her grandmother’s music diary with handwritten lyrics of Tagore’s songs , the begrimed stack of books that Ira had brought along from the city , the spectacle that helped her to see the world better, including her own precious Ira- nothing had changed , except for her cherished physical presence. The deserted harmonium in one unacknowledged corner of the room fills Ira with the many indelible songs , her grandmother had taught her , the genesis of her love for music. In that sacred room ,Ira and her grandmother would share secrets, make quiet plans, savour the extra cotton candies and ice pops, making age group appear like a nullity . In that precious room , her grandmother had shown Ira the exquisitely carved wooden jewellery box . Ira had seen her grandmother smell the box , just like Ira was trying to smell her grandmother’s room now . The smell that carries something invaluable , stirs up distant precious memories. Ira’s grandmother had received the wooden treasure chest of love from her own mother . She had told Ira “Its all yours.”.Ira carefully takes out the safely preserved wooden jewellery box from the cupboard and caresses it as though it were a person , amidst tears of love and echoes of mellow farewell songs.


15 thoughts on “J is for Jewellery box #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Nilanjana. Yes, its such a special relationship . Only people who have had the privilege of experiencing it , can comprehend the depth , endless affection and uniqueness in this precious bond.


    • Thanks so much for stopping by. Really appreciate it. “..and yours was laced with emotions that are just like the soft wrinkles on the hands of the aged” Thanks so much for this beautiful analogy . An honour. 🙂 Shall visit you soon.


  1. I also felt this deep, intuitive, other-worldly connection with my grandmother. She gave me the gift of inquisitiveness, along with stories of Tagore and her favorite Vivekananda. Feeling flush with so many memories, thank you for this.

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  2. What a lovely, tender story of goodbye, a tribute to the woman who loved Ira so much. Grandparents are the most special blessing we can have in our lives, and we realize that even more after we have grown and they have passed on. I miss my Grandma every day!

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  3. Thanks so much , Josie .I so appreciate your beautiful comment . yes , grandparents truly are the most special blessing for their grandchildren . I miss my grandparents too.They are an integral part of my childhood memories and loved me so much . 🙂


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