H is for Her story #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

Siya is busy with the phone in her cubicle, oblivious of the deadlines to be met and appraisals to be submitted later that day. A broad grin adorns her face, quite a contrast to her serious colleagues , working with assiduous attention . “Let’s meet in the evening”, Siya types and receives a string of emoticons in return , substituting for a happy affirmation. Her colleagues, especially the good Diana in the next cubicle is amazed to witness the rapid transformation in Siya in a matter of month.

Siya was as far from the “workaholic “tag now, her ever-happy demeanor , an oxymoron in the plain office environment. At 6 pm , Siya hurries to finish her jobs , so she can take off to meet Sam, the pronounced signs of elation in her, reflecting the euphoria ,she had been experiencing all day .Sam, the charming man she had met at the gala event , only a month ago. Sam, who was now an essential part of her moments, Sam, who never forgot to call her or to return her calls , the caring man who was ever-thoughtful to ask her about her day or how she was doing. These affectionate gestures and the countless daily messages touched Siya as she had almost forgotten what feeling “special “felt like .

It was only going to be their second meeting ever but the level of intimacy was exceptional . Yet, the surge of guilt was unavoidable in Siya , every time she thought about Sam . To get over her guilt , she would think about her uninspiring life situation. It was the conflict in her that had prevented her from categorizing her intense emotions for Sam as “love”.

Siya is picturing the café by the gorgeous river, with Sam and herself seated close to each other. She might communicate her feelings to him, make it concrete with “love” today. The radio in the car too plays a cosy , romantic song , incidentally .The old melody takes her on a sojourn down memory lane to the first few meetings with her first boyfriend Neil. How they loved that song , how they relished the most ordinary moments together and made them extraordinary with affectionate companionship, how they made each other feel special with spontaneous compliments , how they craved to spend “together time” ,how they had eagerly waited to get married , how they had passionately and earnestly promised “till death do us part” all those years ago.

Meeting Sam in that romantic setting by the river could be a point of no return, changing her life forever – erasing all vows of commitment and eternal togetherness with her life partner. Sam had revived the almost forgotten “in love “ feeling in Siya , filling-in the hiatus of years of indifferent togetherness with her husband , Neil. However, now was the time to make the difficult choice before it was too late . Siya heaves a sigh as she changes directions and her car meets the memorized route .Perhaps, memories of him is all she will ever have.


21 thoughts on “H is for Her story #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

    • Yes , she does , Nilanjana. I am one with you in hoping for more open communication and resolution of issues . I hope Neil is as willing to work through it . 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by. Means much.


  1. There is obviously a gap in her relationship and good that she is not letting it go without reconsidering it. It’s always good to be sure, no matter how hard, before you move on. I cannot stop raving about your writing again! 🙂

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  2. I feel that she made the right choice. It is never a good idea to engage in a new relationship while still involved in another. Everything is fun, and full of hope with someone new, and the old is familiar and sometimes disappointing. But if we are willing to put as much energy into what we already have perhaps it can be resurrected and new life given to it… if both are willing and wanting to do that. If not, it is surely doomed to fail, and then she can be free to move on. She can only try, but she can’t do it alone, a one-sided marriage is a prison.

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    • How i love what you had said about relationships being a two-way street. So appreciate your kind gesture of having been here over the month of April with your very valuable and very encouraging comments. You made such a difference ! 🙂 ❤

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