F is for Friends forever #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

Rose was a little apprehensive on her first day in her new school- the unfamiliar environment, the new teachers and classmates added to her nervousness. Morever, she was from a village school with only a preliminary knowledge of the English language . She was uncomfortable about asking questions or initiating a conversation with her classmates in the foreign language . By the end of her first day , she was almost certain that she would not find a friend till she became something like the other girls in the new school. The very thought of friendless-ness made her sad , especially since she had tasted the joy of friendship in her village school . On hearing the reverberations of the last bell of the day ,she got up from her seat, feeling dejected . “Hi ! I am Rita . Welcome to the school” a contrasting melodious voice, startled Rose. She couldn’t believe that one of her classmates actually wanted to talk to her. They walked together towards the assembly hall, chatting in the local language. Rose was happy to know that they would be commuting to and from school in the same bus . Rita was a brilliant student. She helped Rose in every possible way to cope up with English and other subjects . On lunch breaks , Rita would help Rose with her assignments . Rita had also introduced Rose to her friends and they all visited the chapel together, played basketball in the far-field or simply chatted and shared their smiles and stories during lunch hour . When either Rose or Rita were absent , they would send each other letters via common friends.Rita was sensible and mature for her years. Rose could turn to Rita and trust her to listen empathetically and help Rose with her personal problems . Rita never made it seem like she was doing a favour and never judged Rose . Through Rita, Rose realised how good friends accept and appreciate each other in their essence and always encourage each other to be their best self. For Rose , Rita was quite aptly the “friend, philosopher and guide”. There was no one else who could inspire Rose, the way Rita did.There was a silent understanding between them , that they would be there for each other , no matter what . Rose and Rita’s friendship only grew deeper with years. They were fortunate to experience the type of love in friendship that is selfless and non-judgmental. Rose and Rita have been in touch through relocations and life changes over the decade since their farewell from school. Rita knows she can call or reach out to Rose even when they are time zones apart – the freedom of being best friends forever.


14 thoughts on “F is for Friends forever #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

  1. This wonderful story exemplifies how one choice, one decision to reach out and say hello to a stranger, has resulted in a friendship and depth of caring that has spanned the years and distances of time, and will surely bind them forever. We should all teach our children to reach out to the ones who have no one, they are a blessing in disguise. Rose was a selfless friend who gave without expectation, and she was rewarded with a lifelong sister of the heart.

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  2. Hi Josie! I really really appreciate your comment . I found the best illustration of “reaching out” and “selfless giving” in your uplifting and enriching story series “circle of hope “. How i miss the joy of hopping over to your blog and reading your story ! Thanks for being such a big part of my A-Z.

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