E is for emotional affinity #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

Sheila had spent a good part of her adolescence and early adult years speculating on the meaning and nature of love . Her curious and uninhibited mind would ask good friends and seniors about the meaning of love , its essence. Some of them replied sans words(with meaningful smiles). The smiles told Sheila that they had probably experienced love. Some explained the physical connotation of love with grins and giggles but those inadequate responses didn’t quench her curiosity. Sheila realized that it was only through personal exploration that she could find a satisfactory answer to the very important question. To that end , she read love poetries, books on love , watched romantic comedies but the puzzle remained unsolved . It felt like a long wait but somewhere deep inside , Sheila knew it was all going to be worthwhile . It had to be. After all, discovering love was her supreme quest, the one thing she was really passionate about. After over two and a half decades of her existence on earth and unflinching optimism through difficult crushes and unhappy encounters , Sheila came close to discovering the meaning of love ,another chance at testing the validity of “the one” . It all started with long emails and messages gradually progressing to phone calls . The thing that registered with Sheila in those initial days of correspondence with him was how curiously similar they were! She sensed that they were not going to follow the stereotype about partners complementing each other , since they were exact photo copies. She would wait anxiously for his emails, messages and phone calls. With time they detected an unbelievably rare and remarkable telepathic connection between them . When Sheila thought of him, he called or texted . His side of the story was selfsame. Though love might mean different things to different people, Sheila’s personal experience had revealed it as a deep connection, a passionate emotional affinity that makes absence a nonentity(as true lovers are close in thoughts even in physical absence), external appearance and mannerisms a non-issue. Sheila also realized love could only be felt and made to be felt through deeds and gestures, that it was too intense an emotion to be described or contained in words. She has safely preserved his first emails in her “ personal” folder . May be , she will read it together with her life partner someday – a reminder of their love’s inception.


15 thoughts on “E is for emotional affinity #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

    • I appreciate you stopping by, Chicky. Thanks .you are right, dissimilarities in values and priorities could make relationships hit the dead end , time and again.Glad to hear you liked how it ended. 🙂
      Best wishes to you to0 . 🙂


    • Thanks so much for stopping by , Nilanjana. Hahahaa. That’s an interesting question. I hope he did save the emails too.😊 😀 you are so right about love being an inexplicable feeling. Shall read your verses after the A to Z


    • Thank so for stopping by , Jaish. Happy to have your perspective . 😊 Every relationship is a work in progress , but if there are too many differencs, the challenges could increase manifold. Thanks for adding a new dimension to the discussion.😊


  1. This was beautiful! My quest to love and be loved took many sharp wrong turns in life, but in my fifties I found my beloved Papa Bear. In some ways we are so very much alike, and in others as different as night and day, so we have the best of both and cherish each other as we journey into the unknown years of growing old. I have kept the first emails we exchanged, and even now at eight years together, we re-read them and smile. ❤
    Josie Two Shoes

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    • Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my posts!Really appreciate it. Your story of love is so beautiful.Thanks for sharing it . “Adorable ” is probably the apt word for your relationship. I wish you a forever of blissful togetherness.


  2. Very thoughtful! I feel finding partners who are like us or opposite to us, depends on our perception of ourselves. However, having a common value system is definitely needed to last longer. As you mentioned, if the connection is deeper, the physical appearance and mannerisms are no big deal. Good read! 🙂

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