D is for Due date #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

I had often heard and witnessed “there’s no other love like mother’s love “. Long before I was married, long before the “maternal instinct “ had made its way through to my heart, long before I had the slightest cue on how my babies would look or what their gender would be.I had witnessed it in the way my mother called my name, the way my old grandmother never forgot to ask my father and her grandchildren whether they had had their meals, the way my domestic help saved her lunch for her children, disregarding her own hunger or craving for food . I have experienced mother’s love most closely as a daughter to my wonderful mother. Some perceive these affectionate motherly gestures to be “conditioned habits” but I have been and will be a believer, for a long time to come. The genesis of mother’s love in me , however, happened in that dimly-lit radiologist’s office with the first sounds of the unique heartbeat of my yet-to-born child . It was the kind of joy that fills one’s heart and eyes at the same time. The gynecologist’s prescription with “due date “ written on it was like a certificate of forever joy . Over the course of my pregnancy , I grew and became a more responsible and caring person , making every effort to ensure the health and safety of my future child . Interestingly , through pregnancy, I discovered a new aspect of love. True love was the willingness to embrace that I am not to be all I can be to the one I love. To me, mother’s love is a synonym for ideal love – the pure, unconditional love that I can choose to shower on my friend , my sister or my good neighbor’s daughter , loving them with the heart of a mother.


16 thoughts on “D is for Due date #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

    • Hi Keith! I understand and respect your sentiments . Dads are precious and so is their love . And yes, even when they love profoundly, most dads are subtle when it comes to expressing love for their children. Its just that being a woman and a mother, perhaps, i understand mother’s love instinctively. 🙂


  1. The bond of love between a mother and a child/a child and her mother, is so strong that it almost defies description. It is that knowing that everything is alright, or it isn’t. It is the caring beyond measure, and the connection of the continuity of life. You wrote about it well in this piece. I am loving and following your A to Z posts now, and appreciate the kind comments you’ve left on mine. I am on vacation, but will get around to read all of them within a few days. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much .😊❤ I so appreciate your thoughts on the bond between a mother and child. Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. I love your stories around circle of hope. It’s a pleasure to be reading them . I hope you are having a wonderful vacation.
      Best wishes


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