C is for Crazy About You #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

Girls in her class loved session breaks, vacations, and holidays, except for Maya. Maya longed to get ready for school every morning. She detested weekends and holidays, for, she terribly missed her sacred bus stop . The nondescript bus stop meant the world to her, her only chance at rendezvous with the person who was at the center of her world. Rajiv was her friend , not the best friend kind though. To Maya, the name itself was like water to the thirsty , an oasis in a desert. Meeting Rajiv at their common bus stop in the morning and catching a glimpse of his soothing smile was the most cherished part of Maya’s day . Rajiv’s school bus arrived before Maya’s. She made sure to keep track of Rajiv’s frame in the bus until it left for the next stop. And then , she heaved a sigh of hopelessness and prepared herself for another long day brimming with his thoughts . However, she was careful to guard her heart’s secret tale as she feared losing the friend in Rajiv. Maya was usually more than content to be in the company of books but she had created a Facebook profile to be a part of Rajiv’s virtual world . She missed Rajiv at the holy bus stop when he was late or absent . Sometimes, Maya wondered if Rajiv was something like God – an inseparable omnipresent entity, even in his physical absence. Maya tried to gauge Rajiv, the way he looked at her , the way he conversed with her .She replayed the brief one-liners exchanged between them at the bus stop to get a sense of his feelings for her. Sometimes , she imagined a smile to be a blush . Sometimes, she read his seriousness to be disinterest. The constant speculation and guessing game was weighing her down, distracting her from her studies. The pain of the “un-uttered and un-confessed” was difficult to endure. Maya’s and Rajiv’s group of friends went to the common playground ,once a week for games of badminton and cricket. Maya kept her distance from Rajiv to avoid the risks of treading on the territory of her unspoken love, even though a significant part of her being felt empty without him. On that special day in the playground , as Maya looked towards Rajiv yet again with a painful longing, she heard her messenger beep : “ Let’s start again . This time ,as more than friends”. Rajiv was looking at Maya expectantly with an earnest smile .Maya smiled back and then burst out into a child-like laughter. God must have heard her woes and silently conveyed the unspoken messages to her “ special someone.”


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