A is for Alchemy of attraction #AtoZBloggingChallenge2017

I was wearing the same faded jeans and black T-shirt that I wear once every week, listening to the same old playlist on my radio and walking in the same pace towards the train that I do ,every time I have to board it. No anxiety, no rush, just the same, usual “routine” me , humming my favorite tune as I proceed towards my seat , hoping to merge unnoticed into the passenger wave. My world was following the normal, unremarkable pattern on that Monday morning too and then I look up from my phone. That was the first deviation from the set pattern. Normally, when I am travelling, I behave as though my eyes were unidirectional, firmly affixed to the phone screen or the book that I am engrossed in, probably creating the impression in onlookers that I am lost in the most interesting, one-of-a kind , book or App . I had looked up on instinct . I had probably sensed , what I was about to behold was going to be way more impactful than that book or a regular App. Once I looked up , I was surprisingly drawn to the passenger seated diagonally opposite to me . She looked at me and smiled and I could feel the “normal “ me evaporate , only to be replaced by a hypnotized being with an accelerated heart rate. I had dreamt about my“dream woman “ and had jotted down the ideal sketch in my mind. However, in the suddenness of that magical moment in the train, I failed to calculate and match the ideal sketch to the lady who now held my undivided attention . There was a spark in her smiling eyes that told me, we would connect and know each other deeply, beyond the train ride. I was happy with who I was till that moment . Now,I chided myself for being the shy guy who hesitated to even initiate a conversation. I desperately wanted to trade places with my talkative friend whom I normally considered to be half- demented. The moment in its spontaneity and naturalness was transforming my thoughts , organically . I was still thinking of an icebreaker with the charming stranger when her male friend seated beside her , handed her a chocolate and I got a glimpse of her mesmerizing smile and a sense of her unique voice as she politely said “thank you “. As though there wasn’t enough newness and confusion , a fresh set of question was added to my crowded mind .” Who could the man possibly be? Her friend, her boyfriend , her fiancé? “ I hoped and prayed for negative answers. I normally find staring at ladies to be un-gentlemanly and offensive but my behavior at that moment in that train was completely contradictory as I caught myself red-handed staring at the lady in the opposite seat, time and again. As our eyes met once again, the lady made my task easier and asked “ Where are you headed to ?” . “Was I hallucinating?”, I thought to myself and replied her question with a smile . “This might well be the first of many conversations with the kind lady “, my mind added optimistically. The lady and her male friend asked me about my work, hometown, education etc. and we became acquaintances from complete strangers . She was playing with her phone and I wished I could muster up the courage to ask for her number. I wanted to ask her about her favorite things, about her favorite vacation spot , her idea of a good partner and so much more . Before I knew, it was time for her to de-board the train and I barely managed to utter “good bye “, with an ardent “see you soon “ in my heart. I hoped to see her again on the train or on some random street, ask her the un-asked, become acquaintances-turned-friends. It’s been a month and I am still waiting. Who knows I might see her again tonight – in my sweet dreams!


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