Memory records


I bid good bye to her
no apparent tears of lamentation in me
On her very last journey
to her celestial abode.

Yet she meant many things to me ,
she was a mother , a teacher,
my favourite story teller ,
my childhood best friend.

And here in my empty room
my wandering mind plays memory records
of her affectionate arms entwined around me
and i immersed in her fascinating stories.

of our delightful strolls in the garden,
of my many spontaneous questions,
and all her comforting answers,
of how she soothed me, knew me like a mother.

I remember her last words to me
“Don’t go ” with her last drops of tears
“i may never see her again”,
and i waved a moist good bye
to the ailing mother- my grandmother.

But I shed no tears of grief
as her ashes rose to the sky
and death set her free
of physical pain, all body’s discomfort.
Now, only the memory records play on.


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