Translating dreams into reality


I feel,each fleeting moment in life is an opportunity for actualising a target and living it -small targets in the broader vision of the life that we envisage for ourselves. A smile , a word, a few steps- micro-targets in each moment towards the realisation of the bigger goals . The sum-total of each fruitful moment is powerful enough to ultimately translate our dreams into realities.

Each of us has unique definitions of a fulfilling life. To some, life is more about happy moments of togetherness with family and loved ones while for others life is more about slogging hard to reach the pinnacle of success in one’s chosen career path. Our priorities are different , our aspirations are different , the similarity being everyone’s unique definition of an ideal life. We all have a picture of the perfect life in our minds.

Translating the picture into live-moments require a positive frame of mind and commitment towards our goals in order for them to transpire . With an optimistic attitude and absolute dedication towards our mission or dream, nothing is impossible . There will be challenges and adversities but the positive attitude will inevitably tilt the balance in our favour . The single-minded dedication towards the realisation of dreams is like worship or meditation , so that our being is immersed in thinking and working for the fruition of the dreams .

And then each moment becomes more animated as we consistently fill them up with meaningful actions , keeping the end in our conscious and sub-conscious mind . With the dedication and strength of mind of an ardent devotee , it is possible to make every moment a success and translate every dream into reality .


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