Daddy’s girl

They are best friends . They are movie buddies for animated children’s movies. They are gleeful partners in amusement parks and adventure sports ( read boating). They are a brilliant team in outings . They are best play mates on weekends. He is the affectionate guru and she the devoted disciple. She is a daddy’s girl, for sure. My daughter.

When I ask my husband as how it feels to be a father , his face lights up with a unique smile radiating immense joy , contentment, pride and his eyes well up with happy tears. He says” it’s the same things that you feel as a mother. She comes first… the center of my universe.” His day is incomplete without a tight father-daughter hug ,first thing in the morning . He is her pet pretend horse, her city guide to different fun places in the city , her Santa Claus all 12 months of the year, her swimming instructor and more. And most importantly, he is her confidante. Sometimes,the mother is compelled to wear the detective’s hat to track down their secrets and what the father-daughter duo is up to.

As a caring and loving father, my husband has been a strong pillar since the trials and tribulations of my initial days as a mother, my patient assistant in night-outs with a newborn , soothing his daughter and making sure everything is all right. I still fondly remember those days when he would rock his daughter to sleep to the tunes of his lullabies , when he would enthusiastically feed his daughter , her first ever solid foods. He would be her patient companion , when she started to walk. On weekends , the father & daughter would snuggle and talk endlessly in the ” gee gee gaa gaa…” language, like a secret code, beyond anybody’s comprehension.I remember her very first word …. ” baba”.She would cry “baba, baba…” on waking up, rather than the usual “mamma”, like most babies do.

My husband ‘s job schedule has undergone a huge shift on shifting base to India . He hardly ever gets those leisurely hours to dine together or to spend time with his daughter on weekdays . However , on weekends, they compensate for the lost time by reading and singing and playing and eating together and shopping for toy cars and swimming together….Father and daughter. Like best friends do.

There are occasions when my husband gets sentimental over thoughts of his daughter’s vidai… one day,in the distant future….the inevitable.I hold his hands and tell him from my own experience as a daughter, “our daughter will always be her daddy’s little girl”.

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