My daughter’s daughter

Around eight months back, soon after my daughter’s 4th birthday, I became a grandmother.The birthday was a quiet celebration with family, close friends and my daughter’s little friends. My daughter had a wonderful time, being the center of attention all evening through, on her very special day.

i had organised a few games for the kids, the popular musical chair being one of them . It has been my daughter’s favourite game ever since. She was excited about the gorgeously adorned birthday  gifts, pink polka dot ballons, the Minnie Mouse birthday cake, the piñata with goodies, the extra “return gift” that we had to bring home for her on account of her extra please’s , the princess birthday hats etc. She was with me through all the birthday shopping , birthday preparations and was therefore all the more excited. She had been an enthusiastic volunteer… tearing cello tapes, handing me the wrapping paper, decorating the cake with candles. I was totally in awe of her.

since my daughter was keen on opening the beautifully wrapped gifts , we started the exciting project soon after the guests departed. The first gift was a mermaid barbie and then building blocks and colouring sets started to make their welcome appearances in our home. I was noticing the change in my daughter’s expression with the appearance of each surprise item out of the gift bag, into the floor. And then appeared the one who was soon to become an integral part of our days.

out of a baby pink gift bag, slowly popped out a green head with a red beak. As soon as my husband brought the green gift out of the bag, my daughter jumped with joy and took the green bird in her lap. It was a green fluffy toy parrot. It was quite late in the night, way past my daughter’s bedtime. So, we cleaned the floor and took her to bed after the pre-sleep rituals of brushing her teeth and changing her clothes etc. we were about to sleep when my daughter suddenly got up and told me “mamma, I want my parrot to sleep with us”.

The following day was a holiday too, being a Sunday.My daughter woke up with the toy parrot and announced ” mamma, she is my daughter. Her name is Polly”. She further added ” you are my mother and I am Polly’s mother”. I quite liked the name and greeted my daughter’s daughter enthusiastically. While brushing her teeth, my daughter realised that we needed a green guava flavoured paste for Polly. When it was time to drink milk, my lovely daughter prepared a pretend bottle of milk to feed Polly too. She wanted her daughter Polly to be healthy and strong , just like her.

In her study time, my daughter brought Polly along as it was about time for Polly to start attending play school.she requested me to teach Polly and give her homework on sleeping and standing lines. Polly became a very dear family member and her involvement in each of the family activities became the tradition in our home .  I was beyond amazed to witness my daughter’s motherly instincts at work at the tender age of 4…her sensitivity and loving care.

She would pretend bathe Polly with her green soap, stock up green baby dresses for Polly and would never forget to feed her every few hours. She would take Polly to our weekend outings so Polly isn’t home alone. She would even do pretend food shopping for Polly…Guava, Chillies, Milk etc. and occasionally tie Polly’s hair with baby bands.

Polly even accompanies her mother to the prayer room and sits and prays with all of us in the evening. My daughter chants the prayers twice so Polly can be an active participant. She is extra cautious about wrapping Polly up in a blanket when it’s cold or when we have the AC on and  makes sure to tuck Polly at bedtime each night. Recently, Polly has been gifted a playmate … a cuddly toy cat called Katie. Polly and Katie play and sleep together, comfortably tucked under the same blanket.

The other day, I overheard a conversation between my daughter and my domestic help regarding Polly. My domestic help was telling my daughter that she would hit Polly as Polly couldn’t even talk like other parrots. My daughter instantly protested ” don’t hit Polly. She is my daughter and a part of our family.” I could gauge the depth of my daughter’s affection for Polly through this mature protective response.

My daughter’s love for her daughter, her motherly concern for Polly’s health and wellness, her sensitivity towards Polly’s feelings, her protective spirit fills me with joy and pride . The superb mother in my daughter is my inspiration .

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