awesomeThe booming “happiness literature” intrigues me.By happiness literature, I mean the books, articles etc. that talk about the route to happiness and prescribe remedies to a fulfilling life. Happiness is usually perceived as a destination that can be arrived at by cautiously following a set of tried-and- tested rules . The corollary to this perception is  “we need to do more and be more” to be happy. The goal-setting approach to realising happiness and fulfilment has an inbuilt success  versus  non-success property to it. I don’t mean to discourage ambition here. I only mean to state that , to me, happiness is a discovery rather than a goal .

What is this discovery about? This  discovery is about unearthing, recognising ,embracing our unique  inner self. It is about the  recognition and appreciation of our unique beauty, our unique talents, our unique personal traits. In other words , the discovery is about ” what makes  me ,  me” and nurturing/cherishing  that “awesome me”. What are the components of  this “awesome me”? For some, the components of their awesomeness might  be their simplicity , honesty, loyalty. For some others, it might be their diligence , confidence , kindness and so on.  The discovery / identification  of our inner strengths inspire feelings of happiness that is long lasting . The permanence of our awesomeness helps us to victoriously  tide over disappointments and the “downs” of life. Therefore, the awesome you is also the resilient you . It is the awesome in us that helps us to be positive,  optimistic and more successful ,attracting more happiness, in the process.

Cultivating our special gifts and talents further nourishes the awesome in us . I may have an awesome voice with a passion for music. Nurturing this gift would enhance my sense of awesome – ness and fuel  more happy feelings. Likewise, someone with a flair for writing , may find it fulfilling to craft art with words. And , some  others may find cooking to be an exhilarating experience. Saving the littlest part from our busy days to relax and lose ourselves in what we love doing is soul-soothing and happiness-boosting.

The “AWESOME YOU”is your best friend through thick and thin . Embrace  it and don’t   shy away  from being yourself…the 24- carat genuine , spontaneous you. Celebrate the small but significant everyday victories. Indulge in what you love and invest in people who matter. Give your 120%, make peace with your circumstances , have no regrets. Expect less, contribute more. Last but not the least,  enjoy the little extra post-pregnancy weight, the few wrinkles and isolated strands of greying hair…because YOU ARE AWESOME and YOU WILL ALWAYS BE.

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